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Milk running out Lock Rss

I have been breast feeding my baby full time until he was three months. Then I returned to work and have been expressing my milk. I would make up the difference with formula, if I didn't express enough. I work for 3 days, I feed him in the morning and at night. The other days he gets feed off me. When I express lately I only get 60-100mls per breast. According to the formula can he should have 240mls. For 2 Monday nights in a row he has woken during the night (he has slept through the night since 6 weeks), he had his last feed at 10pm and feeds for 1/2 an hour. I was wondering is my milk running out? as I don't know how much he drinks when he is breast feeding. He gets 3 small solid feeds and 4 milk/formula feeds per day.
Hi Helen,

I had the same problem with thinking my milk was running out due to the lack of milk being expressed. My conclusion was the breat pump was unable to suck out as much as baby could . So I stopped expressing and went to formula.

It's been 3 weeks since my 6 month old was on the breast and I still have milk availible! I'm wondering if it will every dry up! I put her to the breat the other day because she has been unwell (stopped breathing) and she thought it was great SHE BIT ME. So thats definatly it for us and the boobies.

Maybe be teeth waking baby during the night not lack of milk?!

Hope I have been of some help.

Best Wishes
I helen my name is lucy. I have a son and he is nearly one. I breast feed him till he was 6 and a half months. I also had the same problem.
But i only pumped in the being because i had problems and by him not taking my milk it does slow down the milk. They say when a baby takes out the milk its better cause there working on your musles. Don't think that your baby isn't getting milk because he is if he wasn't don't worry you would hear him scream. What is happening because he is getting solids to now he is full field. He happy and you milk is like a drink for him and to sleep because he feels happy. Don't think because you give him solids that that is bad no it is that good that beens your doing good.
Hope i could help you as much as possible.
Hello Helen, I have a 6 1/2 month old and he usually woke 2 to 4 times through the night and I thought it was due to lack of milk at feeding times, however his teeth came through at 6 months and since this time he is now settled and is eating well and sleeping well again. My bubs daily menu is breast feed for morning feed and rice cereal, lunch feed yoghurt and fruit then breast 1/2 hour after, then at 5 pm I give a bottle of formula milk then 6pm dinner, vegies or fruit, then bath, then about 7.30 - 8.00pm give him breast for a top up before bed. By using this method my bub is now sleeping at night to 6.00am each day. Just wonderful now that we both get a good nights sleep. It took me some time to get the pattern just right for my little one, yet I am sure it will change as he grows, hope this helps you, good luck.

Buzz. Vic. 6mths old

It will run out i breat feed my boy untill 4 mouth. it will sorry go when you stop all together I went on the pill and it stop all togeher than I miss it but my man now can feed him if i was busy with dinner my one of my step kids feed him in the moring before he go to school well i get the anther boy ready for school he is 8 How many kids have you got my boy is 8 mouths on the 30 july .He took the bottle ok he have about 3 to 4 bottle a but has some solid a day one day he will eat it anther he will Tell me how you go S26 is the best to try on once [email protected]



[email protected] plainland qld

Suckling makes your breasts produce more milk. The absence of suckling will cause your breast to stop producing milk. As long as you breastfeed him you will never run out of milk. Contact your local ABA hotline for help.

Hope that works.

Zita, QLD, Mum of Patrick

Whenever I express I can only get between 40-100ml from both breasts! However, my little one is happy and well fed. It is true that some women can only express very little comapred to what the baby gets when suckling. They are very well practised and a nurse told me babies can get all they need in as little as 4 minutes at the breast. So the amount you express and time baby spends at the breast are not accurate measures of your milk supply.
I have a almost 5 month old girl and i was breastfeeding her until my milk dried up, at two months.
I had no idea, until she went in to my local child health nurse and she was putting on about 80 grams a week(that was the first clue)
She was very fussy and would suckle from me for about an hour and then 20 minutes later cry for more (second clue)
Also my breast didnt feel as full or heavy as normal (third clue)
My nurse said i was drying up, which was rather distressing because i wanted to breatfeed her at least for the first six months of her life.
After we found out i had to put her on the bottle and shes alot calmer, happier and more alert after we found out.
So yes your breatmilk does dry up, i think it has to do with enviromental factors (stress, emotions etc)

Is your little man fussier than normalor wants more milk off you? How long does he take to feed?
Dont worry so much, your doing a great thing, and having formula on hand for a top up is brilliant.
I hope this has helped smile
I used the Avent Isis Pump, it costs about $90, but it was worth it. Its so easy 2 use, and I expressed sooooooo much!! Avent should give me a job!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003


I would to thank everyone for their repiles.

Eric is now 9.5 months old and we are still breast and bottle feeding.

The expressing is still going on slowly. But when I am at home Eric is fully brestfeed and is happy. He lets me know if he wants more or less. His feeding times vary, I try and put in back on, he pushes off.

The nurse is happy with the weight gain and growth. At 9 months he weighed 10.3kg and is 72.5cm long.

He now and then wakes during the night for another feed. I asked ABA and they say to go with the flow. Babies do not have a set feeding routine.

He enjoys he three solid feeds.

Thankyou again
Hi Marti

I also use the Advent Isis pump.

In the begining I also expressed heaps of milk, more that the 260ml bottle. I expressed too much at one stage that I got masitis in both breasts. They were producing for two babies. I had to watch to to express too much.

But now I am luckly to get 40-60mls.

I must say that the Avent products are the best. That you can express straight into the bottle, rather than into one and then pour the milk into another. That you can put different attachments onto the bottles for the baby to drink other things than milk.
I tried the Medela pump and I didn't like it at all.
Hooray for Avent!

I'm like the original poster in that i work so my baby is formula and breastfed! For the longest time I had the impression that I was drying up - until the night that I woke up after breastfeeding all day to find that I was leaking everywhere!

It is true that babies get more milk from you than you will ever get from a breastpump.

I would advise anyone who thinks that they are drying up but wants to keep breastfeeding to consult with a couple of sources. I say more than one because childrearing has so many pre-conceptions attached to it that we are often given the wrong information by well-meaning - but incorrect - practitioners. This includes the family doctor. THe ABA and NMAA are probably the best people to talk to - but remember that the decision to continue to breastfeed is completely yours and you should not be made to feel guilty if it isn't working out for you. There you go - off the soapbox now! smile

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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