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How much milk should a 7 month old have????? Lock Rss


I have a 7 month old who has bad reflux. He is on medication (Losec) which helps him a great deal. He loves his food and milk, but the only problem is after I have fed him his bottle of formula (neocate) he vomits, not all the bottle straight away, but constantly spills for approx a couple of hours afterwards until there is no milk left in him. This doesn't happen when I feed him solids, just milk. I know he needs his milk, but is there anything else I can do, maybe adding thickener to his bottle? Has anyone tried this before and if so, has it worked? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Sam,
I experienced the same thing with my 7 month old. He currently has 4 breastfeeds a day and 3 solid meals. He was on Losec twice a day which we also found help him a lot. We tried so many things to help reduce the amount he refluxed. Herbs, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Accupunture (which I found helped a little) the list is endless. The "Karicare thickener" seemed to help a little but because Noah's breastfed it was an ordeal trying to give it to him because it couldn't be made in advance and we had to syringe feed it to him before every feed. A little hard to do especially if your out. I think if babies are bottle fed you can somehow make it up in advance but I'm not 100% sure. It does help reduce the spilling a little, but I think the only thing that will help you both is time. Noah had severe reflux and would refuse to feed for anywhere up to 10 hours it got so bad the nurses at tresillian and I would have to syringe feed him breast milk so he wouldn't dehydrate. Thank god we've finally stopped his Losec and everything seems to be going well. Now that he's sitting up and crawling around the place and the fact that he's older I think his valve in the top of his stomach (don't know the proper name) has strengthened and dramatically reduced the refluxing. He still occasionally spills but nothing like it use to. And he doesn't seem to be in constant pain like he was for the first 6 months of his little life. Give the thickener a go it very well might be the answer. Anythings worth trying. Goodluck and let me know how it all works out.
Sorry the reply's so long.
Hy Lynette,

Thank you so much for your reply. I think it's just a matter of time and I must just persevere with his reflux until he grows out of it. My problem is I hate giving him Losec and I hate seeing him in pain. Only a couple of weeks ago, after consulting with my doctor, I had to increase his dosage, but now we are back to the normal dosage. I will keep feeding him his milk and I'll just put up with the spills because it doesn't seem to annoy him, it's just really hard when I'm out. I always end up needing a shower and a change of clothes when I get home.

Thanks for your support.

Mum to toddler

Hi Sammie

I know exactly how you feel, Aimee used to "spill" all the time too but she stopped at about 9-10 months so hopefully it wont be too long before your little one grows out of it too, I also tried the karicare thickner but found it didnt really work.

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