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Bottle Refusal issue solved. Lock Rss

I have read and re read all the messages from desperate mums dealing with bottle refusal. I too had great dramas getting my daughter to take a bottle and after trying every bottle and teat on the market still could not find any she would take to.
At 4 desperate months I decided to try a sippety cup. i bought the Pigeon MAG MAG and started her on th esoft spout and to my complete shock my daughter took to it straight away!!!! I then discovered the Oral Development Soft Spout which is a progression from the Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple and tried it on a bottle and again she drank straight away!!!! after much trial and error i found it only fitted the pigeon bottles (others would leak everywhere) and for some reason she wont drink my ebm from it only formula??. I now use the bottle for a few feeds each day the the sipety cup for water. i can now go and get my desperately needed hair cut and leave bubs with dad, knowing I wont come home to a screaming starving baby. Just wanted to share this because I was almost at my witts end.
It is great to hear your ideas courtnis mum - I too have tried many bottles etc...have found lately (my boy is nearly 6 mths) he will drink little amounts from cup or spout, have given water like this on hot days. He is still breastfed but I too would like some more freedom some days.

I will liik out for the oral dev soft spout, this is a Pigeon brand? I havent tried formula for a few weeks, gave up - and Harrison is generally feeding better (was having fussy feeds). However now is sick with ear infection so again things change!!

Thanks again, cheers.

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

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