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Baby not gaining weight Lock Rss


I have a four month old girl who is exclusively breastfed (born 7 pound 10 - 1 week late) who is not putting on enough weight. She weighs 4.8 kg's and the nurse is suggesting feeding her one bottle of formula a day to build up her weight. She is very happy and sleeps through the night etc.

I am not really keen on giving her formula - does anyone have any suggestions that will help me keep breastfeeding only.

HELP - Jaynee

Brinlee Jane, NSW 2/8/05

how much weight gain is considered not enough?? The only thing i can suggest is to feed, feed, feed! Hopefully feeding on the hour or about for a day or 2 will increase your milk supply enough.
Hope this works for you!
Good luck!

Melissa, NSW, 14 month old bubs

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