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i have just started giving my 6 month old daughter formula I was wondering how many mls of formula other babies were having and how many feeds per day. Since starting formula she has been having darkish green poos is this normal? She is having Karicare formula.

sarah,qld,7yr boy, 4yr girl, 20mth girl,baby due d

Hi Sarah
I also give my bub Karicare and have done since he was 4months. He is 6 months now and he has 4 bottles of 260mls each (he was having 5 bottles of 260mls each until his 3 meals a day were routine) At first his poo was green also, and I think that is from the extra iron they get from having formula....completly normal as far as I am aware and nothing to be worried about.
Hope this helps

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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