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How many breastfeeds a day is your 5mnth old having? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering how many breastfeeds your 5mnth old is having per day. I know every baby is different, but was just wondering.

At the moment, Noah is feeding about every 4-5hrs. Sometimes more. I try to give him breakfeast and dinner as well. Some days he doesn't want both.

Also, I know they say to offer the breast first before offering meals until they are 6mnths. But was wondering whether or not anyone does the opposite yet?



Hi Kirsty!
Remembering back - lol! My DD was feeding roughly every 3 hours at that age, i didnt give solids then though so that might be why she fed more frequently.
I have read in many different books to offer breast first until whenever, i still give DD the breast first before breakfast and dinner - the way i see it, shes getting her multivitamins so if she doesnt want any veges later, doesnt

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

My little girl is 8 months now but I cant even remember how many feeds she had at that age, I always just fed her when she was hungry, I always forget what time I last fed her but it did feel like she was always feeding, like your bubs Emma refused her solids much of the time and I never fed either of my girls before their solids otherwise they just wouldnt eat it, I dont think it really matters just do what suits best for you and your bubs.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi Kirsty

My DD is 6 months but at 5 months she was having about 5 b/f's a day. Now she is on solids she is having about 4 b/f's a day and two solid meals.
Over here they say to feed milk before solids until they are 8-9months. I'm not sure what is right. I think just do what suits you and baby.
Hi kk and all - I was just wondering the same thing, thanks for posting the question!!

My boy is 5&1/2mths and is having 6 breastfeeds in 24 hr period and 2 solid meals however also doesnt always want them...often he can take or leave breaky..I give BF first then solids, I think it is after 6/7mths can reverse but am not sure.

Harrison is feeding about 3.5-4hrly during the day and has at least one night feed (about 2-4ish) - I am finding that every night is different! He went through from 7.30-5.30 with a resettle (ssh.pat) at 12.30am the night before last, but last night was again resettled at 12.30am(last feed was 7.30pm), woke at 3.15am for feed and was again up at 5.30 - I know he can go for 6-8hr stretches but will not do it consistently, I dont know why?!!!

I am hoping when he is having more solids he will be more settled at night...

Have a good day all.....

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

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