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Dream Feeding Lock Rss

Mia doesn't eat or drink much and she has started waking at 1am and unless we feed her she will NOT go back to sleep and to be perfectly honest... I really need my sleep! So, I am gathering she is hungry cause she will drink 150mls and go straight back to dream land until around 5:30am when she will wake again and have 150mls (these are the only 2 bottles where she drinks more than 100mls) and go back to sleep till 7am ish.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, but I have taken to putting a bottle in her mouth (not getting her out of the cot) at around 11pm and she doesn't wake till 5am. Does anyone else do this? If so, for how long? I am worried she still will come to expect it and we will be introducing bad habits.

Many thanks! grin

What you are doing sounds like a great idea to me! I know what you mean about not drinking much during the day. I have had so many people say "don't worry about it, he'll drink when he's thirsty" Yeah right - when he gets thirsty at 2 in the morning? So we still do the dreamfeed some nights depending on the amount he has had during the day. What I do though is vary the time (anywhere between 9 and 10.30). He isn't waking for the feed, I am 'semi waking' him. My advice would be to start cutting the amount down each night and making the feed earlier and earlier when you think she is getting enough during the day. I'm sure there are other ways of removing the dreamfeed and stopping the habit, but that is what I will be doing.



My son is 6 month old and I always feed him at 10pm. That normaly gets him through till 6am. If I don't feed him at that time he wakes much earlier.
Don't know when I can cut that feed out, but as long as he sleeps through I will keep going!!!!
I would like to know too when people stared cutting that feed out and how they went about it.


Boy 27-05-05 and girl 30-11-06, due 26-03-09

Thanks. I feel much better knowing that there are other people who do what I am doing!

On Monday night I didn't do the DF and DD woke at 3am and wanted her bottle. By the time I actually gave it to her (at 4am) I had 'dummy popped' 5 times!

I think I will just keep going for now (with DF) until she is eating more during the day.

Once again, thanks grin

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