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wont take bottle from me Lock Rss

hi was just wondering if anyone can help me i want to give my son the occasional bottle cuz im thinking bout weaning him onto bottles eventually so i was thinking bout giving him like a lunch time bottle but the thing is he wont take the bottle from me cuz he knows if he crys for long enuff i will just give up and give him boob he will take it from my mum or anyone else but me if his hungry how do i get him to stop being so stubborn and fussy and take it from me??? any advice would be great thanks:)

Lauren , Qld , mummy to baby jack 27/7/05 gasp)

hi lauren
i ahd the same prob with ashton, i had to get DH to do it. Eventually i got sick of it and just got stubborn too. i would offer the bottle and if he didnt want it he coud sit in his bounce, most of the time he cried, but eventually he learnt i wasnt goin to give in, though it might confuse him if u insist o a bottle at one time but not at another so maybe u shouldnt force him till u have totally weaned him, though i know thats scray when u dont know if he will take it form u, but once ur milk has dried up and he cant smell it o u anymore he will hahve the bottle

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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