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Hi, just wondering if anyone has a car bottle warmer? Do you find it useful and what sort do you have? Where abouts can you buy them? We are going on holidays shortly and will be driving for 12 hours (spread over two days). I am wondering if a bottle warmer would come in handy for the trip???

Kim, Qld, 9 mth girl

I've never heard of them, what a great idea.

I would love to know where to get them from too.


Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Why not save yourself the expense and take a thermos filled with boiling water, and heat it up that way. Alternatively have a look on e-bay you might be able to pick up a decent second hand one there.

We just took a trip to ACT, about 8 hours drive and scheduled our stops around feeds, we just made our stops last a bit longer than usual to give our son a chance to stretch out. Most places will also give you a jug of boiled water free or heat it in the microwave for you.
To make it easier try and drive when bubs would normally be asleep made it heaps easier for us.

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hey there just come about your question on bottle warmers. Only recently we were in SuperCheap and come across one that you plug into your car cigarette lighter, well of course me being a shopaholic and as we were going camping with a three month old had to have one ($20). Although we had a camper trailer with this connection I found the easiest way was to fill the jug with water and stick the bottle in an turn on and leave for about five minutes. It was quite slow and as my baby was used to lukewarm bottles (livin in QLD in heatwave) this worked quite well. My advice make the bottles up just before you feed them and they are lukewarm. Both my girls drank their bottles like this and against all my grandma's warnings they all are fine and adjusted amd i know if I go anywhere I don't have to heat their bottles.
Let me know how you go


my husband baught a portable stove from was only $30 very light and runs on the car charger it works great for long trips and picnics i recomend it to every one

emili 24/02/2005

Hey kim,

I purchased a car bottle warmer out of the 'mother and baby' mag. I just received it a yesterday so ill let you know how it goes!
Hi Kim,
I was just looking at the babies galore website and i saw a car bottle warmer advertised for 19.95. the website is


DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

hi i just saw that car bottle warmer and it looks great............include postage its 40$ which i think is expensive does anyone know where i could find a bottle warmer in melbourne?

emili 24/02/2005

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