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How much should a 6 mth old baby be drinking a day?
Hi - from that age - even till now Hamish has 4 x 240ml Bottles a day (formula) - and I had started him on solids aswell. He is a healthy happy boy. Hope this helps.

Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

Hi how's things?
My 7 month old son is on 3 solid meals a day and has recently been having 4 breastfeeds a day, which I started around 2 weeks ago.
Hope I've helped. You can always ask your community nurse for some information. They're always pretty helpful. Goodluck.
Hi, our clinic sister said babies at this age should be drinking 900ml/day but I use the term 'should' loosely. My little girl has never drunk that much and has always been a small drinker ever since she was weaned at 4 months. She currently has 4-5 bottles a day but the amount can vary from 180ml to 60ml. I also give her 3 meals a day and she probably has 600-700 ml all up. It stresses me out regulary but our clinic sister is very happy with my little girl's progress and she said not to put too much emphasis on making her drink as she's putting on heaps of weight and is a very happy, contented baby. She also said that solids become more important after 6 months so I'm trying to focus on introducing more milk to her that way (i.e. putting it into cereal, adding cheese to vegies etc.). Hope this helps...

Kim, Qld, 9 mth girl

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