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Salty milk! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, my name is Teresa and I have a beautiful 2-month-old girl, Hannah. Even though I am exclusively breastfeeding (& some express), I already have my period back. Apparently I'm a small part of a 2% statistic. sad

I have heard (from a breastfeeding consultant) that breastmilk can become salty in taste a couple of days before and into each period, and baby doesn't like it. That certainly seems to have happened with Hannah.... ok now but only til next time?

The consultant gave me some ideas of how to help the situation (each time). Here they are for you guys; also, does anyone have any other successes?

1) Put baby on only when just waking or just falling to sleep, so they're too sleepy to bother about the taste

2) Put baby on when in the shower - for some reason they forget!

3) Express milk a few days beforehand (can keep in the fridge for 5-6 days) and use it at the peak times to dilute the "salty" stuff (they strongly recommend that mums DON'T mix frozen with fresh or breastmilk with cooled, boiled water)

4) Keep chocolate (including milo!), caffeine and anything else that causes mild indigestion (for me, tomato sauce) out of your diet over those few days to make the saltiness less

5) Your PH and iron (etc) levels change a lot over those few days... keep your iron up and look at getting iron or multi-vitamin tablets (I'm hoping to avoid doing that)

Apparently, she'll probably start putting up with it a lot better nearer the 6-8 month mark. Oh boy... 3+ more times to go.... smile

Thanks in advance,
Hello Teresa
I was the same as you, I got my period back when my little girl was 8 weeks old. The best thing for sweetening your milk is Garlic. Sounds strange but it really works! As a quick fix, I used to get a slice of bread, toast it on one side, spread the other side with a little garlic butter and put it back under the griller for a minute.

Mum of Zoe, born July 2003.

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