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breastmilk from a bottle trouble Lock Rss

hi my 6month old son has been exclusively breastfed and refuses to take my milk from a bottle, i have tried different teats, and even a cup, i am due to return to work in two months but am really worried as he is so used to milk feeds i dont want to deprive him of it? does anyone have any tips?

reagans mum


A friend of mine put the bottle up her shirt and let the baby take it like that, it sounds a bit awarkard but after a few weeks she said it worked and her son now takes a bottle, also I've heard that the NUK teats are shaped more like a nipple then the others so you could try that too.

Good luck

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My baby has no problem with a bottle - I started her at 2 weeks - but she has recently decided she doesn't like the taste of the milk (it has changed, got my period). A lactation consultant suggested that I try feeding her as she is entering the "active sleep" stage, so she'll be too tired to think about what it tastes like. Perhaps you could try your son that way.
Also, when my baby started on the bottle, she had no problems with it but refused to fall asleep on it... would drink, cry, suck on the breast twice, fall straight to sleep. lol. So you might like to try starting him on the bottle as he's waking, breast to sleep, til he gets used to that and slowly encourage him to also go to sleep on the bottle.
A friend of mine said her babies would only take the bottle if she was out of sight and her hubby was feeding the baby. They (the kids) protested but figured it was their only choice.
All the best!
thanks Teresa I will try all ideas.
much appreciated

reagans mum

thanks heaps mummyto 1

reagans mum

i too am having the same problem, my daughter is five months old. i expressed milk into a bottle but she wouldn't take it. i have tried different things but still nothing has worked. have you had any successes?
hi mum1
i have been told by many people that my son wont take my breastmilk from a bottle if i give it too him because he can smell my breast milk or your breast, and he would rather have the real thing than a rubber treat?
maybe you should try someone else feeding her, i found it workd but i had to be right out of the room.
i struggled with this because the majority of day it is only my son an myself home so i had no one to help, i am still trying everything and anything, i hope you have some success goodluck i know what your going through.

reagans mum

I have this problem too.
My 5 1/2 month old will only have up to 60ml of ebm when his really hungry and only from and avent bottle.
I found the avent teets were wider more like a breast.
Still he hates the bottle so I have started going to creche and feeding him.
Sorry Im not much help but all I can suggest is finding childcare close to your work or if you have family member looking after bub ask them to bring bub into your work?
I had the same problem with my daughter who is now three. Someone suggested I try the Cannon Bottles (you can get them from the chemist), they were ok, better than the Avent, which she wouldn't take at all, but still not fabulous. I was studying at the time and she was in creche only half a day a week so it was only 1-2 bottles they needed to try and give her, but I would say that when the baby gets hungry enough, they will take what they are offered. If you are there with boobs nearby, of course they are going to try for the one they like best!! It's amazing how different kids can be, my son, who is 4 months, on the one or two occasions when I have had to leave him with someone over a feed time and have expressed, took to the bottle without a care, no fussing, no spitting, no mess, no drama - fantastic!

Good Luck!

Danielle, Vic, Mum of 3

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