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We are going on a little trip Rss

We are going on a little trip. We will have 2 daughters with us. One is already three years old, and the second is only 6 months old. You understand how difficult it will be for us. But we have to cope and have a good rest. What would you advise us?
Maybe you shouldn't go on vacation yet? Especially at a time like this ... if I were you, I would think about the safety of the baby.
Have a safe trip and enjoy your holidays smile
Hello! We traveled only once this year, when the quarantine began, we moved to our parents' house. There is a large area, safe and children have a place to play. We drove 7 hours by car, and it was difficult for the children, but they took it as an adventure. Be sure to pack a first aid kit, toys, and food. Try not to be in areas where there are many ill people.
It all depends on what kind of transport you plan to travel by. If public, then this can be a problem in the current epidemiological situation. If by personal transport, it is easier, it reduces the risk of infection.
Thanks you for sharing
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