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hi everyone Lock Rss

Just popping back in to say hello and see how everyone is smile

Hey Duckie goad to see you around again ?
Things are going ok this end of the world how are things going on your side?
Yea not much to report from here, same old, not much changes.
Only exciting thing is having finally set a date for our wedding.

Raspberry sundae Im at a loss, name change? Yea little featherbuts are doing well smile

Oh wow when are you getting hitched?
Hello everyone,have a good day!

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Sorry lost the post, didn't realise it had ended up in baby and dad :/

Big day is in 10 weeks lots still to organise :/ eeek

I knew the righting style was familiar raspberry lol just couldn't pin point it smile

Hey Duckie! Good to see you! grin

10 weeks is so close! How exciting!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

You would assume that wouldn't you,
To be honest it's only 1/2 organised.....


Oh wow Duckie! Not long now until you're a Mrs!! How very exciting grin
hi everyone, I am new here in this forum, not sure it is the right thread to post my greeting. If not I am really sorry.
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