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Hi there,
With a 2 wk old baby boy, I will be returning to work in a couple of months. I really love working and it works out good that my fiance can stay at home because it is on an army pension because he injured his back a few years ago. My concern though is that when I return to work my baby will become more attached to his dad and even though I know my fiance will do everything possible to make it easier for me to go to work and have some alone time with our son, I can't help but feel slightly jealous that he gets to spend all day with him, even though it is my choice to go back to work. Kind of like having my cake and eating it too. Is anyone else in the same boat? How can a deal with going back to work and not feeling so jealous of my fiance?

Hayden's mummy


I am not in the same position as you, but i know a lot of fathers who are. I also know a lot of fathers whose kids love them to bits - see most kids get to spend all day every day with mummy and when daddy gets home it is the biggest thrill and they get to give all the love and kisses while mummy has been home all day being the big dragon who wont let them do whatever they want.

In this case you always get to be the good guy.

That is a positve that will come out of it.

Hi Jess im not in your situation but I know when my partner has been at work all day and cames home our daughter cant wait to see her dad and play, giggle, give a kiss and cuddle to him cause she has been home with me all day and cause im the dragon queen that hasnt let her do what she wants.

I bet when you get home from work and walk in the door your little man will meet you at the door and give you a big kiss and cuddle.


Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi There

I am in the same situation as you - my husband has a work injury and he is the stay at home dad. He stayed home with my first son but not until he was 3 year old. I am not back at work full time and my bub is 6 months old.

I went through so many different emotions. This is my second week and I work up this monring to my little saying mama, mama and would not settle until I work and gave him a cuddle, so rest assured they never forget you and just write you evenings and weekends off to spend with bub if possible.

PS my bub has just given up day time naps (just cat naps now), crawling, standing and into everything - hubby has been a bit worse for wear.


Take care.

Melissa,Melbourne, Vic

Hello Again

i think it is really important that you look after yourself also. Your bub is only 4 weeks old and i couldn't imagine that you have even recovered from your birth yet - so while bub is in the capabale hands of Dad, you make sure you take time to care for yourself, eat well and get rest when you can.

My bub is sleeping through and I am still so very tired - after week one I throught I was going to fall into a huge heap and not make it back to work.

Keep me posted on how it all goes.


Melissa,Melbourne, Vic

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