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how do we get them to understand? Lock Rss

MEN-mine is always too busy to fix a bottle,to tired to run bath for me,too grumpy to do a late feed, too sick to change that pooey bum, yet able to give raspberries,tickle tummies,give cuddles and amaze me at the same time.i often sit and watch hubby when he comes home playing with bub for a while,he turns into a big softie and i love to watch them together,but when i actually need help with something his like"oh no im not going to"...

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Mimmy
I know exactly what you mean. My DH is a bit on the distant side with me at the moment. Will do anything for DS but not for me and I have been quite ill since my C section 5 mths ago. Yes I am on maternity leave at the moment and dont have to go to work but that doesnt mean that he should not have to help me with the tea, the dishes, the housework, anything! I dont get to sit down to rest until about 8pm at night and then I want to go to bed and he cannot understand why. I feel crap everyday due to my surgery a month ago and my mum helps me a lot so I think my DH thinks that is enough. Even on the weekends he doesnt help. He is on holidays from next week for 3weeks and to be honest I am not looking forward to it. One other thing that really annoys me is that on weekends he sleeps in until lunchtime, meanwhile I have been up since 6am and exhausted. Anyway enough whinging just needed to vent my thoughts!
I know how you feel. What do we do??

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

My partner does help out with Jaye and im so gald that he does but sometimes he turns into a selfish **** when I need him to do something fast and he takes his time and while he takes he time Jaye is crying and im getting stress out.

Or when it cames to fishing I better not annoy him and he goes fishing nearly 3 times a week so he has his free time.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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