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Who has to pay for a DNA test? my friend ex is not attmiting he is the father of her 3 week old son. She knows that he is the father. but without him sighning the birth certificate or some other legal document she cant claim child support and now centre link are cutting her pay approx $100 a fortnight. She can not afford the $300 to get the test and cant see why she should pay for something she already knows. and he wont pay either. any advice would be great.

I love parents exchange and use it to find advice for alot of things now i am even using it for my friends. thanks ladies!

mum to ryan 10-05-05

I think your friend should ring legal aid or some other free legal advice centre. I'm sure they would come across this all the time! What a &*% he is!

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

I went through DNA testing with my child and if they both are able to get legal aid it still is about 900 dollars i think it but i know u dont get much change from 1000, um who ever wants the DNA test ( best to get them to do as there denying it ) has to pay pay for it !!!
And if your friend goes to legal aid or something she can get a letter from them saying to hold off on stoppign the payments as there doing something about it and they can send several out so centerlink doesn't stop her payment smile
Hope this helps a little
Hi everyone that is awful and your friend doesnt need that in her life and espeacially with a newborn and maybe ask centerlink for some legal aid (if they want to help her).

Was he there for your friend when she was pregnant or not? and what awful person and I know she will made it and show him that dont mess with mums especailly when it cames to our children.

Mothers love for their children.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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