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My baby's a pig! Lock Rss

My daughter Liliauna is now 11 weeks old and has always been fed on demand. However it seems the older she gets the more of a guts she becomes. She just loves her bottle. I give her a dummy and that works most times. She's only crying for a bottle cause when I give it to her she's then happy after. She feeds 2 hourly during the day, I dont mind feeding her this often, I love to sit there and cuddle her all day but wander if others have little piggies for babies? :}

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Yes!! My it a girl thing?....seems to be always feeding! She is now 4 months old and her feeding has slowed down a little now but up until she was 3 months it felt like I was constantly feeding her, not that I minded either as I love the bonding time we have! They grow up so fast! My first baby is now 3 and he has just started Kindy!

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Hi all,
It's not just girls!!! My little boy was feeding every hour when he was born. I gave him a dummy, and he started feeding every 2 hours until he was 6 weeks old, when I started him on 1 solid meal a day. (1 teaspoon of very runny rice cereal). This one meal a day, was enough for him to go 3.5 hours between day feeds, and sleep through the night. He is now 9 months old, drinks about 750-900 mls milk, has 3 large size solid meals per day, plus morning and afternoon tea. He has become very active now, pulling himself up at the furniture and walking around it a lightening speed. He was weighed the other day, and weighed 9.1 kg, so he is doing okay, but isn't overweight.
Don't worry about how much you baby is drinking at this age, as once they are able to move about, they will lose any excess weight that they don't need. Have fun with you baby, and congratulations.

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Hi Everyone,
My Son too was (is) a big eater. He was started on solids, runny rice cereal, at 10 weeks. He is now 20 months and eats me out of house and home. He weighed in at 14.1kg at his 18 mth check up. He still has one bottle of 260mls a day 3 meals & Morning and afternoon tea. But he is not overweight at all, he is healthy and very happy!
Hey all yes there are litle piggies out there my now 10mth old son is an absolute guts. I started him on mushed apple at 8weeks cos my milk was not sustaining him and that was at 2hr feeds. since then he hasn't stopped from about 5mths he has bottle when he wakes up, two weetbix for breakfast, snacks, decent sized lunch, snacks, his tin or jar of puree` food and then when we have dinner he eats half of mine to and a bottle as he goes to bed. Thats more than I eat. But he's not a fat baby as he has always been so active.

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are you all breast feeding your babies? breat milk aint as filling as a bottle. my daughter has always been a bottle baby as i could not breast feed she only wanted 7-10 hourly feeds. from hospital. didnt have to demand feed her as she was a big baby girl.

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Hi Narrelle,
I have breastfed my little piggy until about 1.5 weeks ago, when he lost interest in it and would no longer take it. He is now on diluted cows milk, and still gaining weight.

Mother of 3, Qld

No, I have formula fed both my 2 children, my son 3yo and daughter 4mths! I started both my 2 on solids at 3.5 months and boy they loved it! My daughter especially can't get another of the stuff!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hehehe Im glad to hear that my little boys not the only piggy around!!!!
He is 4 months old and weighs 9.3kg!!
There was a week at the start where he gained over 700grams!!!
Its finally backed off to about 600grams a month so hopefully his clothes will start to last longer!
He feeds on demand usually every 3 hours.

yay for the piggy babies!!
Well, i too am the proud mother of a piggy baby!
My daughter is having a feed every two to three hours and since yesterday i have been breastfeeding then bottle feeing at every feed so she is getting more (i am trying to increase my milk supply)! She has always fed more often and at first it did worry me, i have been giving her about 120ml of water a day (sometimes she wants it - other times she doesn't) and that seems to satisfy her untill the next feed.

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