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help with food ideas for me and 2 kids at different ages for lunch Lock Rss

2nd time round for me... and i have forgotten almost everything! My day just runs smoothly - swinging back and forth from my toddler to 8month old. but i manage to fit there meals in and sleeps in one after the other. Its been hard trying to make seperate food for both of them. Dinner time every one sits and eats the same we just mash up in blenda what we are having for dinner for 8month old. But lunch time im still giving veggies and fruit or yoghurt (8mnth). and a sandwich or canned meal to my 2year old. Then i have what ever i have time to eat. I want some ideas that the 3 of us can all eat together at the same time. Thats healthy for both kids and EASY for them both to eat, something quick that doesnt take too much time, even if its a good meal or idea i can freeze and defrost.
I'm pretty good when it comes to thinking of ideas but im having a brain freeze and i need some helpful ideas that will work for at least the next few weeks to make life a little stress free.
THANKS smile
x x x -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi there,

at 8 months things will be starting to look up for you lol, it depends if you want cooked lunches or if you are looking for snack types of food. some of the things i serve to all the kids are cruskits with various toppings i.e. cream cheese, avacado or vegemite for bub, and then what ever the other boys like on theirs such as tuna or thin sliced meat with cheese etc, I also have cruskits with what ever topping i feel like too.

I make thick soups that we can all eat using a variety of vege's and little star pasta or similar (just freeze and micro to serve), grilled cheese on toast, fruit and yoghurt compot, steamed vege's cut into finger sticks,

Umm lol i have never really thought about it I just do it as i was the same preparing 2 or 3 different meals, now i just do 1 and vary it to bubs likes ie if the boys were having sandwiches (before bub was on bread) i would just use cruskits instead of bread.

Hope things start getting easier for you soon


Leigha''s little men smile

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