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Feeding routine for an 8.5 month old, need some ideas........ Lock Rss

Hi all, I was just wandering what routines people have for feeding their babies. My routine is going out of the window and need a bit of help as to what to give and when regards solids and bottles/breast as sometimes I give too much milk, then bubs won't eat solids, then vice versa and bubs won't sleep....... any ideas will help immensely as my brain is starting to fog up... Thanks.
hi there

my son is 11 mths old and his routine is as follows although sometimes it changes (his decision!! haha)

bottle (120mls) 7.30am
8.30am 1 and a half weetbix with all bran sprinkled on top with full cream milk ( i pour boiling water on the cereal first to make it mushy)
11.30 bottle (120mls) and then nap time, I give him his bottle in bed.
he wakes up about 1pm and I give him either mashed vegies from a jar or apple and oatmeal from a jar then at about 3.30 he has yoghurt or custard, then at 5.30-6pm he has tuna morney or lasagne ( you can buy these pouches from coles, they are called baby boost and you find them in the fridge section)
then at 6.30pm he has a bath and then 7pm he has his last bottle (240mls) in bed, he always finishes it and sometimes has 60mls more if he hasnt eaten all of his food during the day, and hes off to sleep within 5 mins of drinking his last bottle, and he sleeps all night. i also give him snacks during the day such as milk arrowroot biscuits or rusks.

he has had this routine since about 6 months old, but it can vary each day, sometimes he refuses his yoghurt or custard but other days gobbles it up, i just go with it.

hope this helps.

I offer milk in between solid feeds, usually 1-1.5hrs after eating and no milk at least 1 hr before a solid feed.

quick run down of a normal day:

6am - breast feed upon wake up
7.30ish - weetbix and fruit
9-10am bottle (260mls)
12ish lunch - mixed veg and meat followed by fruit
2-3 bottle (260mls)
5ish dinner - mixed veg and meat/pasta whatever
6 onwards - breast feed before bed

my girl is 10mths old and has had her routine since late January


Hello, this is our routine, although it varies depending what time ds wakes up!
Upon waking- bottle (200mls)
7ish- brekkie- either banana mixed with formula and farex mixed cereal, or pureed pear with farex
10.30ish- snack- yoghurt then bottle (200mls, but doesn't usually drink it all)
12.30ish- lunch- mixed veges and a cruskit with avocado
3ish- bottle (200mls)
4ish- snack- (fruit)
5- dinner- mixed vege and meat
5.30- bath
6- bottle (200mls) then off to bed.
I know it looks like he eats heaps, but he only has little snacks!
Hey sam. My son is 8.5 months to. Our daily routine looks like this.

6.30am bottle 180ml
8.30am farex and toast
10.30 sleep
12.00pm Lunch, fruit and yogurt and some finger food.
2.30pm bottle 180ml
3.00pm sleep
5.00pm dinner, meat and vegies
6.30pm bath
7.00pm bottle 180ml
7.30pm bed
He may also have some finger food in the afternoon. Just little things like a couple of pieces of pear or something.
Hope a routine falls into place for you
8months my daughter is doing

7-7.30am wake up
7.30-8am breakie
followed by a bottle straight away
play till 10.30am
10.30-12ish sleep
12.30 lunch
1 bottle
3 top up bottle (trying to combine the feed at the moment)
then sleep 3.30-5ish
7 bottle
7.30-8.30 bed (depending on afternoon sleep)

I hate the combining feed's or dropping a feed! they suck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Thank you everyone, I am slowly getting's just hard because I am still trying to breastfeed as well.

All of the replies have been really helpful and is enabling me to fine tune my own routine, albeit a bit hit and miss some days!

Thanks again, Sam

our routine for Chloe (7 months) is:

7:00-7:30 - bottle 180ml
8:30-9:00 - Vanilla Custard
12:00 - lunch (varies vegies. fruit etc.)
12:30 - bottle 180ml
1:00-3:30 - sleep
3:30-4:00 - bottle 180ml
5:30 - dinner (varies usually meat & vegies)
6:30 - bottle 200ml
7:30 -bedtime

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