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Baby won't drink water and has bad colic? Lock Rss

My G.P sugested that if your baby doesn't drink water and has bad colic, instead of one scoop of baby formula every 60ml give your baby one scoop every 80ml and of a night give your baby coloxyl drops. I have done this for a month as my baby suffered bad colic and hated water and it has helped her 100% and she is more settled.
Hi Yabbie,

This sounds interesting!! What are the coloxyl drops all about??

My son is nearly 5ths and i'll try anything to help settle him!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Yabbie,

Last night I replaced my 5 !/2 mo's 3am feed with warm boiled water and he guzzled it down. I put a little bit of infants friend in it as well. Tonight I will try without. He won't normally drink water, but I think at night he gets thirsty. I'm hoping this way he will get used to drinking water. This could be another way to get baby to drink water.

Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

Hi Tepe

Coloxyl drops helps stop constipation. You can use it three times a day but I only use it once. Depends how bad your baby gets colic.
Hi Yabbie

My son had bad colic for the first 4-6 months of life, just like me. Our doctor said to use Infacol drops. You can buy at the supermarket or chemist.
I then only gave one breast at a time instead of offering both.
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