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Finger Food ideas please!! Lock Rss

Hi All

My 9 month old twins are right into finger food at the moment, but I'm running out of ideas........ can anyone out there give me some inspiration?

Look forward to hearing from you.

I was also at a loss for finger food ideas, let's face, still am. I have discovered a few favorites for Ayden, maybe these ideas will help you.
Miniture fruit muffins, homemade.
Vegemite and butter rice cake sandwiches, cut into 1/4's..... he loves these.
Marie cookies.
Orange segments.
Cheese sticks.
Bread he does not like toast.
Friut bars...even though they have quite a bit of sugar, every once and while couldn't hurt...right?
And any fruit he can hold on to.

I'll be checking back here to see if there are anymore ideas.

Amy, 10 1/2 month boy, WA

Hi Sam not too sure what you are already doing but here are a few more ideas. My son loves saos with vegemite, cream cheese or strawberry jam. He loves avocado on toast fingers. We also give him pieces of capsicum, cucumber and stalks of celery. We give him pieces of banana. He also loves cream cheese on rice cakes. In the shops with the baby foods near the rusks Heinz have little kids wiggly bread sticks and mini crackers. They say they are suitable from 12 months but if your boys are really enjoying finger foods and you supervise them I guess the decision is yours. We have even packed in a few La snacks cheese and biscuit packs into his nappy bag in case we get caught out. He thinks these are just great. He also loves clix biscuits which are like a jatz biscuit except they melt in their mouth. Of course there is always the old faithful arrowroot biscuits and he adores tiny teddy biscuits. Once my son reached the 12 month mark I gave him slices of banana with peanut paste on them and he just loved them. It was a BIG mess to clean up but it was worth it. Thats about all I can think of for now, I hope this is of some help.
Hi Sam again!! I thought I had seen another post regarding this and I was correct. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page to where the numbers are on the bottom right hand side and click on the number 2. This will take you to the next page of this post and it was the 5th post down "finger foods for 8mth+" you will find a few more ideas there. Sorry I didnt think of this before I sent my earlier post. Have fun!!
Thanks for the suggestions janeen. I think I'm on the right track - basically I'm willing to try anything they can feed themselves! I've found Mother Earth make mini muesli sticks that they like, they love cruskits, water crackers etc spread with anything, fruit, cheese sticks, sliced cheese, macaroni by itself or with cheese, frozen vegies (cooked, but they're small enough to pick up and eat), also another is sandwich roll ups; cut the crusts off a slice of bread, roll it out flat with a rolling pin, spread with whatever you like (I used shaved ham and cream cheese spread), roll up, wrap in plastic, refridgerate, YUMMY
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