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Hi All

This probably sounds like a silly question but i thought i would ask anyways....
How do I introduce Cows Milk to my son, do you just go completely off formula and straight onto Cows Milk or do you introduce it slowly??
Is it 12 months when they can start drinking cows milk?
I believe it is suggested to introduce cow's milk for drinking at 12 mths. I have started introducing it to my son gradually with his formula because he wouldn't drink straight cow's milk even if it was watered down. He is so cunning because he will drink 3/4 formula with 1/4 cow's milk but as soon as I make it 1/2 and 1/2 he pushes it away and blatantly tells me NO! Not until I change it will he drink it! I am also having trouble trying to get him to drink it out of a cup so I have gone back to giving him one bottle a day just so he will get his milk intake for the day (which is suggested 600ml at his age which also includes any cheese, yoghurt etc). A friend of mine gave her son straight cow's milk with a little water and she said he took it straight away and didn't know any different. I guess it depends on your son but I would start it slowly or watered down as some say it can give them diahorrea other wise. Good luck,

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A toddler formula is recommended highly now, because in studies of children betwen 12mths and 2yrs they found a high percentage of them were anaemic. This because parents were in such a hurry to give their children cows milk (cheaper to buy I know) but it has no iron in it. And even if the child had a very good diet (have you seen the ad on tv of how many bucket loads of fresh broccoli you'd need to eat), it still wasn't enough iron for their fast growing bodies. So I always recommend to parents even if it is one glass at morning tea of toddler milk it's better for them than 600mls or so of plain milk with no iron in it.

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My daughter is 10.1/2 months and I have been adding small amounts of cows milk to her formula. I will be giving her toddler formula after 12 months as well as cows milk. Both my boys had toddler formula, my eldest had S26 and I added it to cows milk, but my second had Nestle growing up milk added to water.
Best of Luck

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You can start by using cows milk on his cereal and in cheese sauce and custards. I was advised that mixing with formula can prolong the transition and its best to just go for it. My son has had small amounts of cows milk since he was 9 months (hes now 11 months) and he is fine with it. Good luck

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I also put cow's milk into Caitlyn's cereal, I heat it but not boil, as it kills all the goodness in it. She eats plenty of yoghurt and cheese. and cheese sauces, and has had no problems so far, I'm yet to put her on cow's milk in her drinks yet, but I intend to give her 1 cup of cow's milk per day. I can't imagine her refusing it as she eats and drinks everything I give her at the moment. The amount of trust they have in us in unbelivable. good luck, I hope your transition is easy.

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Hi there

My (in 4 days!) 12mo son started cows milk about 2-3 weeks ago. I started it in his cereal, and he now also has 1 bottle of cows milk/day (along with formula) He took to the cows milk ok, but took about a week to get him to drink a full bottle of it.

I will still be giving my son (personal choice) formula 1-2 times/day until he is around 18months. and the rest cows milk - he hates water
Hi there,

I have 3 children 2 boys 5 and 2 1/2 and a 4mth old girl Jessica..
With my boys i started them both on cows milk at 9 mths after consulting my GP and because they were already on all dairy products ( custard, yoghurt, cheese etc ) he said it would not affect them in any way.
I started by adding cows milk to there cereal and mashed vege etc and then just put them straight on cows milk when the formula ran out..
I had no trouble changing over from formula to cows milk they just took to it..
Good luck with the introduction hope all goes well.


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One week on from my last post here, my son is now refusing his formula during the day in favour of cows milk! So I guess in the end the smart little ones are the ones that decide!
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