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Vegetables!! Lock Rss

Can anybody help me with new ideas to get my one year old to ear vegies? I've tried pureed, mashed, whole, with gravy or cheese, as a pasta sauce, mixed with heinz spaghetti. He'll eat probably three or four mouthfuls and then refuse it or just spit it out. It's starting to drive me crazy!!
Hi melissa. i had the same prob i put a tiny bit og vegemite in his mashed vegies and he loved it or a mix up his other food such as fish fingers etc
good luck!

Lisa, Vic, 12mth old

I found that if my son doesn't want to eat his dinner we pull out the tomato sauce, this seems to always work for us smile

You can even get green tomato sauce now, but I think that there would be too much food colouring in that smile
hi melissa,
try puting friut in with the veges it has worked for me with my two kids.

kirsty w

kirsty, new zealand

Hi Melissa, my son is not a big veggie eater either but i find if i boil all vegies together in a pot of water and lots of vegetable or chicken stock this seems to add a lot of flavour and he loves it. It's not as healthy as steamed vegies but i find it works!
Good Luck!!

Janelle Vic

I beleive never force a child or baby to take somethink they dont like. I have a set of twins that are nearly 5 and 17 week old and for my older two I only fed them the food they liked but I was lucky they liked mashed vegies but now wont eat them. instead they do eat fruit which is another good sorce for them, every think is trial and error and maybe try somethink else for a little while then go back to the vegies again. Good Luck
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