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Is there any "bad" food? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
My son, NIcholas, 4 1/2 months is just starting to have solids, but I'm a little hesitant to try all types of foods.
Is there anything that I should NOT be trying at this age?
Also, if anyone has any recipes for homemade buscuits - please pass on, as I don't really want to keep giving him the shop bought buscuits as they're high in sugar.


Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

My son started solids at the same age, and I only gave him blended vegetables to start with.
It is safe (so I have read) to give them a mixture - 3 colours.. eg. potato, pumpkin or carrot, zucchini or peas etc. Once he is ok with a very small amount of that, increase the amount.
As long as everything is blended to within an inch of its life, I think it is ok. The obvious things like chilli and harsh spices would not be good, and there are the well publicised foods like egg white, strawberries, peanut products etc that you need to stay away from until he is older..
You can even blend pasta and meat to a puree.
I have a baby cook book and they tell you recipes for each age group.. very helpful!! When he gets to 6-7 months the consistency changes and it gets lumpier to encourage them to chew.. more variety then!
I have friends who make their own rusks - and I used to give my son Milk Arrowroot biscuits - keep a close eye on him if you give them though.. they tend to keep a bit in the roof of their mouth.

Sarah, Sydney, 8.5 month old baby

Hi Jax,

This is a great refresher for me, as my son is 14.5wks and not far away from solids. Nuts, Strawberries, and eggs are a no no at first i think!

Help everyone! :~

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Jax, The general rule they say is this- no cows milk until 12 months and always full cream. You can start to introduce small amounts like cheese and yoghurt in their rice cereal from around 6 months. No meat until 6 months as their bodies are unable to handle the protein until around then. Rice cereal has all the iron they need until then. No honey until 12 months due to a threat of botulism (whatever that is??) No egg yolk until around 6 months and no egg white until around 9 months. Always make sure the egg is well cooked (not runny) to make sure any microorganisms in the egg are killed (ditto with whatever that is) when giving to a baby under 12 months. No peanuts/peanut paste until at least 12 months. This is a biggy. They say the longer we wait to introduce foreign food the better the chance is they will not have an allergy to it. And last thing is be careful with fibrous food like peas and corn until they are more use to eating other foods as baby needs time to get used to the higher concentrations of fibre in them.
They say to only introduce one new thing at a time or else if baby does have a reaction you will not know what did it. A reaction can take a while so dont think it will be instant.
An allergic reaction can be eczema, vomiting, wheezing/asthma, itching/hives,swelling/rash (often around the mouth), stomach cramps, diarrhoea.
Try not to be too paranoid and remember you will get a lot of funny faces and things being spat right back out. I read it can take up to 9 times of offering food before baby will take without any problems. Just remember how boring and tasteless rice cereal is that they have been taking so dont do what I did and go over board on the taste thing and wonder why is he spitting that out and throwing it away likes its poison??
Anyway this is just basic and only a guide you do what you feel is best for you and your bub.
Hope this helps, Good luck!!
Yes there are "bad" foods for babies. Child and Youth Health sevices (what used to be CAFHS) put out a feeding guide for around $6.00. That has all the info about what to give and not give. Try rusks instead of biscuits. Shop bought ones by heinz don't have any added sugar or the afor mentioned guide has a recipe to make your own. Be carefull with bickies and rusks though as bubs can choke long after they've stopped chewing as it get's stuck in the roof of their mouths and falls down, so always stay with Nicholas while his got one and check the roof of his mouth if you lay him on his back soon after having one. Hope this helps
Hi Jax I was just reading over my post and it appears I am saying to add cheese and yohurt to the rice cereal around 6 months of age. What I meant to say is you can add full cream milk to their cereal around 6 months. They can have the cheese or yohurt on its own. Sorry for any confusion.
Thanks everyone for your responses.
I had no idea that strawberries were 'bad' foods - so lucky I asked!
I've been trying to feed him simple foods like potatoes (I swear he must of thought I was poisoning him!), pumpkin, carrots etc - he hated everything. I then blended it all together - no success either.
The only think he will eat is the buscuits mashed with his formula in the morning - if I'm lucky, but lately he is hardly having anything.
I can only put it down to teething, as he does not want to eat (yesterday i forced down 2 and a bit bottles, 240mls each), does not sleep (I've been awake more than asleep through the night the last 2 nights), constantly cries, bites down on his fist plus a coupld of fingers and the same time!
I feel so helpless, but I know that I can do no more as I am appling teething gel, giving him panadol (which seems to do nothing) and trying to comfort him as much as I can.
I feel guilty sometimes as yesterday for example he was that hysterical in the morning, I had to walk away and let him cry a little, just so I could take a breather. I can't complain too much as he is generally a good baby - but it gets to you sometimes.
I have jotted down all the little bits of info that all you guys have offered, for my future reference, as I think I might hold off a while, until this phase passes for Nicholas.

Thanks again = talk to you soon

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Hi Jackie

I hope Nicholas has a few good nights (or even one) for you soon! I know what it can be like. Fletcher has had 2 colds recently with very wakeful nights, and has been off his food, and with both colds he got new teeth!

The current recommendation is that babies don't need to start solids until at least 6 months, and breastfed babies can go much longer. This is mostly because of the risk of developing allergies, and the current thought is that their stomachs aren't well enough developed to handle solids. Having said that, apparently the recommendations change all the time, so this may be different soon!

So you wont be hurting him if you stop completely for a while....

Leanne, VIC, 10mth son - Fletcher

Thanks Leanne for the reassurance.

Nicholas has been a little better, so I'm hoping that things are settling down, but I guess we will wait and see.
Another thing I have noticed in the past 2 days is his poo is bright green and he is constipated. I try sooo hard to give him water and he refuses it nost times. I've changed bottles, tried from a sipper cup, spoon fed him, used the same bottles his formula goes into etc, but to no avail.
Does this have anything to do with teething?
As for the solids, he doesn't seem to want his buscuits either, so I'm going to definetely hold off for a while and try again in another week.

PS - Nicholas celebrated his christening yesterday and I've heard the old wives tales that once the child is christened they become much more setttled etc and sleep through the night, blah blah blah.....

Nicholas proved them wrong!!!!!

See ya

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Hi Jax,
Have you tried a teething gel for Nicholas? You'll need to speak to a chemist about which ones, 'coz some of them have stuff in them that's bad for little ones. Maybe ring the pharmacy of your local children's hospital they may have one that they make themselves. They stop teething pain in seconds.
With the water I had a midwife suggest heating water for babies. I now heat up water and juice to the same temperature that my son's formula is served and it goes done a treat.
With constipation, my son has been battling constpation since birth, you can get prune and apple juice in the baby food section. It's diluted for babies so you don't have to muck around. I've also read on this website somewhere that pears are good for releiving constipation. Nicholas will probably like the sweet taste too.
Hi Ailsa

I'll try anything!! Yes, I do use teething gel called Sedagel - which seems to work sometimes.

I have also noticed that he seems to be settling down heaps - so perhaps the teeth are still a little while off, and they were just 'moving'.
heating the water sounds like a good idea - I'll try that today, as I desperately want him to start drinking and enjoying the water before the really hot days begin.
I also read on some other posts about the prune juice, so I guess it's okay to give it to a baby under 6 months old, so I'll keep that in my pantry.

Thanks again to everyone for replying - this site is heaven sent!!


Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

I'm not sure if you've mentioned this but have you tried the plain old boring 'rice cereal' that farex and heinz make?

It is recommended that rice cereal is the first thing your baby tries because it has the least amount of risk for allergy.

It sounds like you've got the right idea though about holding off. If your bub isn't going for food then he probably just isn't ready. At 6 months though you really need to get into it because he will need extra nutrional stuff from then on.

But with juice - never EVER give it in a bottle. Juice should always be give in a cup because of its association with tooth decay. (I saw a video about it the other day and I am still reeling!)

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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