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Hi all

My 9 month old can not eat finger foods.
Each time I offer chunkier foods he gags

Any Tips or Info would be helpful

All the best

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Hi my son did this my child health nurse said its there way of clearing there throat if something isnt chewed up enough my son is 14months and still does it. If u r real concerned as your local child health nurse or gp.
Hi, my son is 9 months also and he really struggled with finger foods at first from about 8 months...he would get the food in fine but he just didn't know what to do with it when in his mouth..
What I started to do was give the finger food as small as possible to get him used to being inderpendant and still enjoying the food... but the pieces small enough that he could develop the chewing motion and the way to prevent him gagging.
Maybe try at first some TINY pieces of cheesestick or bread with vegie then start giving the pieces a little bigger when you feel he is more confident at eating them. And make sure that the food is more softer texture so it is easier at first.

My son now eats sandwiches, rice cakes, vegie chunks, chicken breasts small pieces, pasta...pretty much whatever we have though smaller...

He will get use to finger foods over took 1 month for us.
Good luck.

Mum to Jai and Chase!

How about trying watermelon. At this time of the year they are so yummy and since they are so soft it is easy for them to eat. Most kids go through a stage of gagging on foods as they get used to having to use their mouths and not just swollowing. Have you done a first aid course so you know what to do if they do choke?

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

Hi my twin girls started solids with grated cheese. The sort you buy in the packet. To start with I put it in their hands as it is hard to pick up.

Michelle,8mth old twins

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