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Hi there!
I have a four month old girl who is on formula, but is only having 600 - 700ml per day (the recommended amount on the can is 800 - 1000ml for her age! she is still developing well and seems to enjoy her solids that she started 3 days ago more than her milk! I give her boiled water every so often but fear this will take place of the calories from her milk, she's got such a small appetite, any advice would be hugely appreciated.

All babies are different and they will only drink what they need/want. My daughter doesn't always drink all of her bottles. My daughter is only a smallish eater. She is only 7.4 kg at 9 months! As long as she is happy etc and has the wet nappies, i wouldn't worry too much. If you are concerned, go to your clinic or Dr or maybe even a chemist.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

Hi Vanessa, my 6 month old has been on 150mls x 5 since she was 4 months old. But she wont take all of her bottles and isn't on solids properly yet. I wouldn't worry about. Chloe has never had the about that says on the tin. She is 6 months and weighs 9.5kgs I hardly get 700mls down but obviously she isn't starving ha ha ha.

Kristy, Qld, 6mth baby girl

hi well my daughter has never liked her formula she would only drink about 100mls x4 per day untill 9 months and now nearly 11 months she only drinks 1 150ml botle a day if im lucky i am just trying to keep her drinking by giving her baby juice and now i am giveing her the vanilla formula you can just mix it with cows milk but she loves her food aswell she will eat anything and everything she can but at 11 months she only still is about 8kg

Angel&Hope in heaven Makayla 29/12/03 &due 15/4/05


I too have a baby that doesn't want to have all her formula.
At 3 months she is getting into the habit of refusing her bottle after only 100ml at least once a day.
I offer her water between feeds, but worry that she isn't getting enough formula. The nurse has assured me that as long as she is putting on weight & is healthy, not to worry. (At 7kg, I don't think she is starving!)
What is the minimum length of time that should be between feeds. I was told 3 hours to prevent constipation, but is it OK to offer more feeds as Cayley has decided that 4 feeds a day is enough? Whenever I have tried adding a 5th feed, the last feed is anywhere between 8 & 9 at night and not very successful.

Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

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