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I have an 8 month old daughter who has very fussy eating habits.. She will only eat smooth textured vegies out of a jar and will not eat fruit. She refuses things like custard and will not eat fruit out of a jar or fresh fruit I am limited with her menu... Can anyone suggest any foods that I should try.

Marnie,Vic, 8mth baby

Hi there oscar31

how bout trying something with a meat in it like chicken and vegies?

in the 6mth + varieties they do have chunks but what I do with my daughter is mash them up so its not so lumpy.

Hope that helps a little. But it may take a little bit longer than other babies.

Also have you tryed mashing or purefying vegies or fruit that is made fresh maybe she dosent like the taste from the can?

let me know

Storm 21/04/04,Blade 21/09/05 + one on the way

Hello Oscar31,
Maybe you could slowly introduce vegies with soft lumps, as this will help her develop a chewing action for when she is older.
You could also give her fish, its nice and soft, there is also a Gel range in the Hienze jars, they are all different fruit flavours.
I will let you know if i can think of anything else! wink

julia, tas, 8mth baby

My baby also doesn't like chunkier foods. When he was 11 months, I started mashing his vegies, instead of pureeing, and he has coped with that ok. He is eating more finger foods and chewing those now, and sometimes will attempt chunkier foods, but not normally.

You could try pureed mango. My baby loves mango.

You could try mixing some pureed fruit with the vegetables that she will eat? Slowly increasing the amount you add each time.

You could try pureeing sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli etc? You could try steaming some cauliflower, broccoli or pumpkin and letting it cool and encourage your daughter to feed herself, or you could break off bits and put them in her mouth?

Perhaps think about you and your partner, and what you both like to eat.. what are your favourite vegies and fruit, and try her on those?

That's all I can think of at the moment. I hope some of these suggestions are helpful. All the best.

SA, 2 boys

Hi Ankie,

Thanks for your reply. She has progressed a little since I posted that message... She is now eating the fruit jellies in the jar and I am giving her the 6mth+ varities and she is slowly eating that as she has just cut 2 teeth she seems to be chewing it.. I have tried to give her fresh banana but she doesn't eat it.. I am disappointed that she only eats out of the jars but as long as she is eating I suppose it doesn't matter.

Can you suggest any other fruit I can try her with?

Marnie,Vic, 8mth baby

Hi Julse,

Can babies get a reaction to fish? I've thought about giving it to her but I wasn't sure. I have given her the Gel range and she really enjoys those.

Marnie,Vic, 8mth baby

Hi Oscar31,
I gave my bub fish at 6 months, its fine with her, but some say you should wait till 10 months, the safest ones to try are salmon, tuna and trout, as they dont contain as much murcury.
You should hold off giving it to bubs who come from a family that have a history of allergic reactions to fish, cheese and chocolate, as cheese and chocolate have the same natural chemicals as fish.
Some fruits you can try are watermelon, peach and apricot, nectarine, pear, apple, mango, strawberrys, grapes, kiwi, honey due, rock melon, umm.. i cant think of any others, but theres a few.

julia, tas, 8mth baby

Hey Marnie,

Don't know if you've already tried it, but my bub really loved avocado. It was actually one of the first things I gave her as it's so smooth and mild flavoured. It ended up being one of her favourites at the time. Also have you tried any mild sort of vegies like carrots? Maybe if you cooked and put them through a food processor?

Hope this helps,
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