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Finger Foods for 8mths + Lock Rss

Please...any ideas on some creative finger foods?

I hear they are great for the development of babies in both texture and taste.
Have done the small bite size sandwiches and milk arrowroot biscuits.....any other ideas?

Nathan's Mum

Lori, NSW 8mth baby

Have also been hunting for finger food ideas, but so far my daughter (10 mths) has enjoyed:
wedges of avocado, toast with philadelphia cream cheese - a real favourite, dried fruit, wedges of fruit - watermelon and kiwi fruit, cheese sticks, clix biscuits with vegemite - actually anything with vegemite.. Heinz Fruit fingers
Hope these few ideas help

Sarah-Jane, Tas

I have 11 month old twins (8.5 corrected) they are now excellent eaters, especially the things they can fed themselves. They love banana's and slices of pear - this can get very messy and banana stains should you not remove the leftovers almost immediately.

Cruskits are good - they can't demolish them as quick as a milk arrowroot. Vegemite and cheese spread on almost anything.

Cheese sticks and slices - some help feeding is still required here.

Muffins - home made savoury type.

Hope this helps you, as I too run out of ideas on foods for them.

Naomi, QLD, Twin boys born Sept 2002

Thank you both for your replys, there are some great ideas you have. Also, I heard tin asparagus spears are good and yes they worked a treat last night.

I'll search for some more and if I find some good ones I'll post them on here.


Lori, NSW 8mth baby

Hi Lori, Our son loves pieces of capsicum, celery and cucumber. He also loves strawberries. We love taking him to Sizzler as you can try just about anything and find out what they will have. We found out from Sizzlers he loved the baby corn spikes? We also give him a heated bread roll from the soup bar which lasts for ages. He also loves the big rice cakes with cream cheese on them. He will fight you for tiny teddies and has a soft spot for twisted cheese stick which are sold next to the rusks. We also found the Heinz little kids mini crackers which are made from the same thing as rusks and sold with them are a great snack. You could try arrowroot biscuits as well. I once gave him pieces of banana with peanut paste on it and he loved it!!! It was a big mess though. We also found for a snack on the go to grab from the cupboard is the Le Snacks cheese and biscuits. We even tried the coles farmland brand and he prefered them and they are around $2.00 cheaper then Le Snacks. They also have peanut paste and vegemite with biscuits. Hope this helps.
Hi Lori, My 9month old son loves to chew on sausages after a stay at my mums place for a day I got home to find him with half a sausage in his mouth. Mum breaks them in half and he chews away on them. He loves them hope this helps.

Kylie & Jordan QLD

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