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(Oops, had posted this in breast and bottle feeding)
I am just starting to introduce my son to the wonders of holding his own food :~ He has been eating toast with vege or marmite now, but I thought that I would get a bit bored with that, so he must be also. I thought of other toppings that could go on there, but out of all the recipe books that I have read, I have never seen a mention of honey.
I'd love to know if & when you introduced it, and how did your baby take it? Is it a 'safe' food, or is there a specified age that a baby shouldn't start it until???
I look forward to hearing what anyone has to tell me.

Jennifer 14.04.98, Eric 25.02.04, Gabriel 25.07.05


I replied to the one in breast and bottle feeding and thought i'd better put a reply here aswell.

I have a few books which say that honey is a high risk food and can only be given to a baby over the age of 1 because honey can contain a type of bacteria, which if eaten by a baby under the age of one, can produce toxins in the baby's intestine. This can result in a potentially serious illness called "infant botulism" Which I have no idea what botulism is.

Have you tried the cream cheese spread in the jar. My daughter seems to like that and it gives her a break from vegemite. I haven't given her jam as its full of sugar. So no go on the honey until he's one.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

Hi Julie,
Thanks so much for that, can't remeber what botulism is, but remember the name that it is pretty 'yucky'. I will definitely avoid it! I was not looking forward to the sticky arms, hands, hair, face..... lol! but thought if it would make him happy I would try, now he can wait!
I will try the cheese though, I can't wait to see his face now. I must be getting so dense since I had him, I avoid all the sugars, but was considering the jam - Doh!
(I started to answer the one in the other section also, must be a part of my denseness to put it there in the first place! :| )
Thanks again,

Jennifer 14.04.98, Eric 25.02.04, Gabriel 25.07.05

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