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what to give my 9 mnth?? Lock Rss

Hi, my son is almost nine months and he is on 3 meals a day and 3-4 formulas. I am not sure if he is getting enough solids as he always seems hungry.
What do you feed a 9 mnth... even for a snack that will keep them satisfied??
I want him to be eating well and not hunrgy....

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi New Mum,
My nine month old has 3 soilds meals a day & a breast feed every three hours
(even through the night, but thats another story!), I also give her snacks throught the day as I am trying to fatten her up as she has just hit 7kg, she has toast, cheese, cheese sticks, bickies & rusks, but now the summer fruits are out I have started to giver her finger food sized pieces of watermelon etc, she usually has something she is trying to nosh on whist she is in her walker ( it mostly ends up on my floor though!), I just think if she will eat it I keep giving it to her until she is full!
& my dogs are really well fed with the rejects!
Hope this helps
My son is almost 9 months old and is always hungry as well. He much prefers food over his bottles though. He will eat absolutely anything!!! Toast, SAO, pikelets, pasta, rice, vegies, yoghurts, custard, fruit, sandwiches and anything else we have, he will have a go at......hope this helps

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

I have read all the postings on giving finger foods and I feel a bit confused as my son who turns 9 months next week, chokes on anthing I give him to eat. For example, I gave him a biscuit and he bit a chunk off and started to choke! The same with cheesesticks or a piece of soft pear? What do I do, wait another few weeks and try again?
Also he has trouble drinking from a spout. I have started to give him water in a cup with a spout, but he doesn't understand that he has to suck to get the juice out because of the valve. Will he one day get the hang of it or should I try something different?
New mum.

Danielle,NSW, 9 month old

Hi Dan,
I'm no expert as I am a new mum too, but I think that I would maybe try putting your baby back onto mashed food for a week or 2 before trying again. My daughter is 11months in a couple of weeks and still has no teeth. When I tried to increase the texture of her food, she would either choke, throw it up or just refuse to eat it. I figured that maybe chewing things hurt her gums too much, so I reverted back to fork mashed food for a while and now, even though there are still no teeth, she manages most stuff we feed her (though I do chop it all up really really small for her). We'll get teeth one day I guess!!! As for the drinking from a spout - I have taken the valve out. Sometimes its a bit messy but I've found that my daughter is picking up what to do fairly quickly. She just needs to learn you need to tip the cup up to get the water, although I'm now thinking I might buy one of those cups with a plastic straw in it for her.
Hope this helps you somehow. Good luck.
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