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I was just wondering what people thought about cooking your own solid foods for your baby rather than using jars of heinz etc.? I have used both for my 4 month old and although he will eat basically anything that goes in his mouth, I feel alot better when he eats food I have cooked. I've found it to be cheaper to cook too even though it does take a long to cook everything up and store to freeze.
Also, I was wondering if people have an recpies to share, he is not keen on all things green, so would appreciate it if anyone had recipes for mixing in some peas, broccoli etc so he will eat it!

Amy, Vic, baby Ethan born 22/5/04

HI Amy

My daughter is 8 months and I cook all her food. I have tried some of the jar/tin baby food and unfortunately she won't take it. I am a bit reluctant to give it to her cause there is so much other unknown stuff in it. For eg. I got a jar of pumpkin risotto to try and it had carrot, peas and quite a few other veges along with the thickeners etc. It does take a long time to cook everything, but at least you know whats in it. The motherly cubes are quite good and they are real food, with no added extras, but are a bit more expensive but seeing my daughter won't eat jar stuff, that is wasted anyway and at least she eats the motherley cubes. I haven't tried her on jars with meat, cause who knows what sort of meat it really is. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions of how do desguise greens.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

Hi Amy

I compromise with my baby's diet (and my time to prepare and cook his meals!) - Keegan is coming up to 7 months. He has the Heinz dessert range (ie the combos fruit gels and other fruit combos) and I cook his dinner!! I still puree him fruits but have Heinz for back up! So at least this is not making me feel "guilty" for feeding him solely commercially prepared foods!! He loves the Heinz fruits which I'm always mixing with baby cereal anyways. Always check the content of the fruits and juices they may use.

As for recipes - I hear though I haven't seen - that the Heinz website has loads of recipes! Yummy ones too!!

p/s try puree brown rice with peas or brocolli. Or even fruits. Has he got a favourite fruit?

Frazzled mom, loving it tho'


I cooked all my sons food, i just put one day aside a week to cook all the food and freeze it, it wasn't that time consuming. I tried tin / jar food and he just spat it out, which I guess had its advantages and disadvantages.

As for greens, with brocolli, i just mashed it in with his spud and pumpkin and he didn't know, he know loves his brocolli and that is normally teh first thing gone from his plate at night! Zuchini another greeen veg can be mashed in with spud, pumpkin etc

Thanks. I will try mixing in the greens with his normal potato/sweet potato mash.
I tried the organic jar food today and it seems great, has no added thickners etc., and to me it had alot more flavour.
he loves his bananas but I nver thought of mixing vegies with fruit???
I will try all of your suggestions and see how we go.
thanks so much for posting!

Amy, Vic, baby Ethan born 22/5/04


I cook most of my bub's food but do use jars/tins for going out.

I'm careful about what jars I select by checking the ingredients list. I avoid the gels as they are mostly thickeners.

I tried a couple of the "Heinz Mum's Recipe" jars last week and they were really good. My daughter loved them.

As for cooking, I cook things and freeze them in icecube trays. When they are solid I put them into glad snap lock bags. At meal time I just choose a variety and defrost. She usually has 3 vegies with or without meat or chicken.

Can't really help you with the greens problem. My bub loves her brocolli and peas. I guess you could just disguise a small amount in something else and gradually increase the amount until he gets used to it.

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

I cooked my sons food except for the occasional convenience feed of the tinned fruit. I have the womans weekly babies and toddlers cookbook and it has some good recipes in it. Something i used to cook that he loved was i would chop the veges i wanted him to have like broccoli, potato, sweet potato, pumkin etc and boil it in the salt reduced liquid chicken stock then when it was soft i would put it in the blender.You can also add some chicken to it as well if you want. Also there is a recipe in there to make your own fruit gell with gelatin, fruit juice and water. Also i found some great containers to store it in the freezer. Its a decor spice deck and its a tray with 10 small containers perfect for baby food and when you want to go out just grab one out.

Also i do agree that at least if you make it yourself you know exactly whats in it and its fresh.

Cassie,NSW, Blair 27/9/01, Mackenzie 19/5/04

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