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Miss 6 months HATES food Lock Rss

Hi all. I have a 6 month old daughter that is exclusively breastfed. She refuses to eat anything. Just wondering if it's common/normal. She gags and dry retches. She shutters and makes the funniest faces (like she's eaten a lemon). I've tried Farex, custard, fruit. She's putting on weight so it obviously isn't a issue. But just wanting to know if other people have this issue. As my 4 year old son ate food from 5 months with no prob at all!! Thanks all.
Some babies love food straight away and some don't.. MY breast fed babies were all around 12 months before they were really interested. Don't worry at all if your little one isn't really interested at 6 months - just keep giving her little tastes of things and eventually she will show more interest
As per the above comment, I wouldn't worry too much about it if she's gaining weight and happy on the breast. I would just leave it for now and try again in a month or so. smile
I was in same situation with my son - food would usually not stay in his mouth long enough for him to even taste it. He was totally fine being breastfed - as much as I wanted him to be ready for solids (and longer naps between feeds) he just wasn't interested. But by the time he reached 10 months, he was onto a small range of pureed foods.
you could try getting a teething rusk and dipping it in apple sauce and see if she enjoys the taste or flavor of it?
Like everyone else said, try not to worry. She will get there when she's ready.
It is quite challenging to start other foods rather than breastfeeding. It is the gradual process of giving your baby other foods while continuing to breastfeed. Breastfeeding as long as you can is the best thing for your baby. You can continue to breastfeed until your child is 2 years of age and beyond. Start by substituting one feed. When one feed is going well, substitute another feed, and so on. Hold and cuddle your baby if you are feeding from a bottle. This extra closeness will help both of you during the weaning process. Introduce solids one at a time and in small amounts at the beginning.

I would keep trying, by 6 months iron and zinc levels are low and breastmilk alone will not be adequate . My boy pulls funny faces and gags the gagging is normal and may just be a little thick. I started with Apple, potato, kumera lots of yummy fruits apricots,pears and just starting meats now at 6 months. Even if just a few spoons
Have a google of 'baby led weaning', there is loads of info on the web.
I have done this with both my boys, and found it great.
You give them food to eat themselves, the idea being that they learn to get used to the feel of food in their mouths and to chew and then they swallow the food when they are ready and in their own time, starting with chip sized pieces of cooked veg.
Ds2 was about 9 or 10 months when he started really eating food and now is 18 months and absolutely loves it smile

Some babies just don’t like starting solids. But it doesn't’t mean they won’t like the food. Feeding now is very different from what eating will be like as she gets older. If she is gaining weight with breastfeeding, Its absolutely normal. You should continue your efforts to make her habit of starting the solid one.
You scan try letting her scoop her food up with her hands or you might be able to give her tiny pieces of those puffed products that have been lately marketed to the self-feeding set. Your doctor might have some ideas about finger foods that could work for your baby. There are lots of things to try, including, small pieces of “real food.” Some kids just want nothing to do with food until they can eat what the grown-ups eat or the way grown-ups eat it. Observe your LO closely, know about reason, you would get the solution.
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