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Food Routines? Lock Rss

Hey just wondering if anyone was willing to share their food routines and what kinda food their babies eat, especially around 7 months or after being on solids for 1-2 months.
My bub currently has:
Brekkie - rice cereal and we usually try fruit but she doesn't like it at the moment
Lunch - Egg Custard and finger food usually carrot but today made brocolli and celery and am going to try toast
Dinner - vegeis usually all mashed together and tonight we tried chicken for the first time and she ate it and it had potato in it and she hates it but ate it all still

Does this sound like the correct kinda foods to be having? I know all bubs eat differently etc but just a general guide would be great.

Thanks smile
Cameron's (7mths) food routine is pretty basic. 2 tablespoons of Farex with 2 cubes of vege mixed in. At the moment the vege is pumpkin. THis is for brekkie, lunch and dinner.

I would LOVE to give him more variety, but he just loves his farex and doesn't like anything that's too strong in flavour. That includes apples, banana, custard.....

It's really frustrating me but I guess there's nothing I can do except just keep doing what I'm doing.

Priscilla, Cameron 09-09-05, FNQ

hi Gizmo, you are going great so far!
Try toast with brekkie, and maybe try some other foods for brekkie such as porridge or weetbix.
I add pureed fruit to the porridge to sweeten and a little golden syrup. to the weetbix I add warm cows milk and pureed fruit.
Start her on cheese, you can add ricotta or full fat cottage cheese to her vegies or grated cheddar/tasty cheese. When she is ok with this you can then introduce yoghurt.
At night get her use to the different meats, chicken is good one to start with..just steam it and puree with a little water and add to veg. Fish is also really easy to steam as well. Then you can start on red meat...mince is what I used. I just did a very simple savoury mince, onion, garlic italian herbs and pureed. Then when they ok with the mince after 3 goes of it, I added tomatoes and made spag bol sauce and added that to vegies...they LOVE IT
You are going to have a lot of intersting faces pulled as she has new taste sensations. It still makes me laugh when they try something new and they don't like it!!


This sounds great to me. My Ds has had very similar, is now 9 months so I give him 1 weetbix every day, with hot milk.
Lunch can be anything from banana mushed up, veggies, toasted sammies,scrambled egg, fish fingers etc
Dinner started off like yours, and is pretty much what we have, cooked and pureed or mashed (is in between at the mo and finding it a bit hard!) before I add salt or anything. Followed by Yoghurt!
You sound as if you are giving a good variety and it is going well, so keep up the good work!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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