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Hi all,

A few questions for you!!!
(1) When did you start your bubs on cow's milk?
(2) Are they in a regular routine; i.e sleeps, feeds, etc?
(3) At what stage do you class your child as a toddler? Is it when they're "toddling" around or does it go by age?
(4) Is anyone back at work yet? If yes how'd it all go? e.g childcare, weaning, separation (mum and Bub)


Emily's Mum (8 & 3/4 mths)

over worked n under paid

1- He has some on his weetbix in the morning, started about 8 1/2 mths. Thats all, he has formula otherwise.
2- Yes, more flexible in day, but still 2 sleeps and nite routine never changes, dinner, play, bath, bed by 6.30/7pm
3- I would guess by them toddling round?
4- I work but not many hours (about 6/7 a week) his Nana and Dad look after him so no problems there. Recently weaned for 2 reasons, he got teeth and was biting me, and also lost interest in the boobies, will not have anything to do with them anymore. The only person who was even a bit bothered about this was me!!
Hope this helps any more questions just ask!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

1. In DD's cereal from about 9 months. From 11 months for a drink but its not recommended to do so until 12 months.

2. 7am wake - breast feed - solid breakfast. 9am naps for 2 hours. 11.30am fingerfood lunch. 1.30pm snack. 2.30pm 1 hour nap/rest (rarely sleeps these days). 3-4pm snack. 5-6pm dinner - bath - breast feed. DD is usually asleep by about 7pm.

3. Most say that they are a toddler from 18 months. It really depends on your babies abilities, both in their physical development such as walking, ability to sit at a table and feed themselves, language skills (mental development) etc.

4. I'm going through the orientation with DD at kindy as we speak. I start back at work in a couple of weeks (how exciting). I could blab on for ages about weaning and preparing for child care. Feel free to ask any questions, although, I'm sure you'll get lots of advice in further replies.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My DD is 8.5months and to answer your questions:

1/ 6 months on cereal and 8months in a cup with meals. Slowly decreasing bottle amount and increasing milk in a cup over the next few months she much prefers cows milk.
2/ Yes we are on a regular routine a quick run down:

6.30/7am Wake
7.30am - Breaky with milk
8.30am - 150ml bottle
10am - Nap 2hrs
12.30pm - Lunch with milk
1.30pm - Bottle 150mls
3pm - Sleep 1hr
5.30pm - Bath
6pm - Dinner with milk
6.45pm - Bottle
7.15/30pm - Bed for the night

3/ I believe a child is classed as a toddler at around 12months
4/ Not at work but have left DD with my Mum and Dad a few times and she doesn't miss us at all has a ball and gets spoilt.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

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