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Finger Food Only - 9months Lock Rss

My 9 month old wants to eat finger food only and not his mashed meals. Meal options seem quite limited, cheese, bread, veg bits or meat, how can I mix it up, any recipe ideas? (Trying not to give too much weat yet, have started on egg).
Hi, some other things are:
Fish fingers, pieces of fruit, pikelets, crackers or malt biscuits,muffins or scones,meatballs, little sammies, peas, pasta.
Have fun clearing up that lot!!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

What a trickly little fella. Its really good he is doing well with finger foods, lots of benefits for his development. Although, I imagine it makes a bit of extra work for poor old mum - lol.

I find that finger food options are endless. Any-thing that you normally mash can be a finger food, just give it to him in chunks (big enough to hold in his hand). Of course, half will end up in his hair or up his nose or like DD the other day, I found a sanger in the top of her nappy. I assume she put it there for a snack later on??? LOL

You have been given a good list so far. All I can add is some noodles, sausage, raisins and some sliced meat (shaved chook/ham etc).

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Why not just give him half his food mashed and half finger food. Like Kazi said, still a bit chunky so that he can get a hold of it? It'll be messy but in the end as long as they eat who cares?!

I WISH my DD would eat finger food...

Your bubba sounds really independent, I think it is great!
Thanks so much for your suggestions, I will keep cooking... veg muffin's, fishingers and I see someone suggested sausafes without the skins on in another forum.
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