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Starting solids at 4.5 months old Lock Rss

Hey everyone,
Just wondering what sort of routine you used to introduce foods? We gave Ashton some apple and banana to start with, and started him on rice cereal yesterday, but now that he has tasted sweeter and tastier foods he doesn't like the rice cereal! Did I do the wrong thing by introducing fruit before rice cereal? Is there any particular order of types of foods to introduce?
And how many times should I be feeding him to start with? The MCHN never told me! Sorry if I seem very stupid with these simple questions but I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing for my bubba!
Thanks girls! Take care all. xoxox

most bubs don't really like the rice ceriel if you try some you will see why it's very bland. you could try mixing some apple with it or plain fruit is also ok to give them.

you should introduce 1 new food for approx 4 days to check for any reaction start with veggies and fruit some good first foods are apple, pear, potato, pumpkin, banana, carrots, broccoli to name a few.

try giving him a few teaspoons to start with for 1 meal a day approx 1 hr after his bottle gradually increase the ammount you give him i'm sure he will let you know when he is still hungry and wants more.

don't be too concerned if he is not too interested in food though because they are just getting use to the taste at this stage.
i also stated my daughter on solids about 4.5 months old and by 5 months she was on to 2 solid meals a day + bottles now at nily 7 months she is on 3 big meals + her bottles

good luck any more questions don't hesitate to ask

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

With Cameron, I just started by giving him a couple of baby spoons of pumpking & sweet mash (the heinz range) just before a breastfeed. Sometimes he preferred to have a breastfeed first so I just left it up to him. Luckily he LOVED solids so made it easier on me. I went ahead and gave him solids 3 times a day and eventually increased the amount of solids to about 1-2 tablespoons. I followed the usual advice of giving the same foods for about 3 days before moving onto the next.

Like you, rice cereal was the second thing I tried and he was a bit hard at first as Cameron loved his pumpkin. But just keep trying little by little. Ashton will eventually take to it. My problem now is that Cameron loves his rice cereal so much that it's difficult to get him to try anything with a stronger flavour like apple and banana. Even pumpkin and sweet potato is too strong for him. So now I just mix it in with his rice cereal - again, little by little.

It's frustrating I know. Sometimes, I just wnat to forget about the solids and just stick with breastfeeding, but I know that can't happen forever.
Some babies need more than others and I know its easier giving advice than following it. Look, you are doing the right thing and i wouldn't worry about introducing the sweet stuff first because in my case, Cameron's so happy with the bland stuff he doesn't like the sweet stuff!!!!!

Priscilla, Cameron 09-09-05, FNQ

Hi Ashtons Mum,
I have a son who started solids at 4 months old, he loves his food.
After hearing people rave about Tizzie Halls sleep routine book (which is great) I went and bought it, she has a section in it about first foods for your baby, she says as follows

From 4 months
Apples - Carrots - Pears - Potatoes
pumpkin - Swede - Zucchini - Rice cereal

From 5 Months
Green Beans - Sweet Potato - Turnip
(all pureed)

From 6 months
Apricots - Avocado - Bananas - Broccoli
Cauliflower - Cheese - Chicken - Fish - Lamb
Peaches - Peas
( pureed , and watch for a reaction on some of these foods)

The list goes up till they are about 18 months old, if you would like more just let me know.
Of course you do what ever you feel is right for your little one, these are just suggestions.
Hope this helps

Have you ried mixing the fruit with the cereal. I usually give the cereal mixed with fruit to my daughter once a day around 11.

Cindy, Qld, 4Yo & 6mnth old

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