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to start solids or not to start!! Lock Rss

My daughter is 4 and half months. She has started feeding more in the day and waking at night but am a little scared about that next stage...eating..not really sure what to do. Is this too early or is it pretty normal. I was told to wait until 6 months but i cant see her lasting that long!!
Any ideas...was anyone else scared?
Hey I just started a thread about how to introduce solids, because I was scared too! My bub is 4 and half months old too, and he was always watching mum and dad eat and looked like he was ready. If you feel comfortable, then it's fine to start solids now, as my MCHN told me. You can start anytime from 4 months so if you are ready and bub seems ready, go for it!! Good luck, I know what you feel, so there are people that understand your fears! Take care! xox
Hi Lucy
I started my 41/2 month old son on rice cereal about a week ago as he too was waking at night, and ever since he has slept from about 7-8pm until 7am in the morning. I think they try to let you know that they are ready for something more, my son is certainly a lot happier for it! Always worth a try!
If you are wanting to give it a go.. grab some rice cereal and make it into a thin paste either with breast milk or formula or boiled water.

Just give it to her once a day - generally in the morning. Give her about an hour after her normal feed and try it.. to start with it is all new so expect it to be spat out and lots of funny faces. Once that is going well start adding some pureed pear, apple, banana to the rice cereal also.

You will find bub will like this more as it is pretty bland stuff. Then move onto the veg.

Womens weekly have a babies cookbook which costs about $10 and has lots of info and i got a handout thing from the CHN.

I introduced solids earlier than the 6 months but did it slowly - just one meal a day for a while. It seemed to just give her that bit extra to content her.

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