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Help!! Not drinking... Lock Rss

Hi Guys,
my daughter is 5mths old and has been on rice cereal from 4.5mths. She was drinking 240mls and waking at night when she would normally sleep through. She now refuses to drink more than 100mls. I have to feed her in my arms, sing, play with toys to take her mind of what she's doing so she can drink. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. I first thought it was because i began feeding her solids then because of her cold but now realise that apart from wanting to attack anything thats near her mouth she has had flushed cheeks on and off, coughing and has become more whiney. She keeps pushing her fingers to her upper front gum. ...what do you guys think, poss teething? has anyone elses kids done this, im just worried.
when i took her to the peadiatrician for a cough he told me that if she drinks 20 to 30 mls then thats a problem but 100 is ok..
oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!!
my little bug is teething as well
with all the same syptoms
mind u its being a month now and no teeth but i took her to the health care nurse who said it will be any day now
so it could be a while yet but definitly sounds like those pearly whites are on their way

Lillie....1 year old!!!

sounds like teeth to little ds woz doin the hurts there gums to suck on the bottle she prob wants it but her mouth hurts to ds is 10mths and only just got 2 teeth.
You dont know how glad i am to read this post. I was goin to take my bub to the dr tomorrow. I have been having the same problems. He takes half the bottle and does not want a bar of the rest, he is sooky and flushed in the cheeks and he is constantly dribbling oh and i think he can nearlly fit his whole fist in his mouth. He cries like he is hungry and wants food but then as soon as i try to give the bottle he screams louder.
i just got him settled just got used to solids and now this omg its never ending and they ssay this is just the begining of teething. havent we got alot to look forward to!

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi, i am in the same situation. My little girl started to wean herself from her bottles at 3 months. By 4.5 mths she was drinking 300mls a day. I got worried, but she was soooo happy and sleeping really good that the clinic sister said as long as she was putting on weight she was okay. Her teeth started playing up about the time this all started. The clinic sister said they can move about forever before the teeth show. Sometimes she drinks lots and sometimes she doesnt. She is on solids twice a day and I offer her a bottle every 3-4 hours and water or diluted juice in between. She has farex with fruit in the morning after her 2nd feed and vegies at night after her last feed before big sleeps usually around 5-6pm. If she doesnt have much to milk during the day, we get her up at 9.30pm for a feed and she usually sleeps through it and drinks it all.
Good Luck!!
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