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How long does it keep? Lock Rss

I'm thinking of starting to give my son some veggies in the next couple of weeks. If I was to make up a batch & freeze it in ice cubes, how long will it keep in the freezer?

Truth be told, I bought a food processor yesterday & I'm dying to use it? OMG, I've turned into my mother! lol
Hi Sharon
I make all Jeb vegies up and freeze them. I freeze in ice cube trays firstly then transfer them into air-tight containers once frozen. They are meant to safely last 1-2 months covered. I steam all Jebs vegies, mash and freeze separately so I can mix different vegies all the time.

Little tip...don't process potato!!! It has too much starch in it so turns to "glue" when processed. I used to just zap a little potato in the microwave whenever I needed it and mash it with a fork. Hope I've helped smile
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