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I have a 6.5 month old who has been on solids for 2 months. When should i be moving onto less pureed food. and how should i do it.

When should she be having finger food. We were out a KFC the other day and she was crying so my hubby gave her a chip (with no sharp edges) and she pretty much just sucked on it - should she start showing signs of chewing before i introduce chunks and toast and that sort of thing
Hi There,

What I did for my little man was I pureed half and mashed half and went from there and every couple of days reduced the amount of pureed so in the end he was only having mashed food.. At first he gagged (which is a reflex they have) but he lost that after a while.. Now he enjoys all sorts of stuff like pieces of toast, fresh fruit..

Hope this was of some help..


I gave my DS finger foods at about 6/7 months. As long as you're there with her in case of choking. Sounds like she is very keen so why not!!
I am only now moving from less pureed to chunkier stuff, and it is not easy as he doesn't always chew. My chn told me to just mash up stuff instead of pureeing. I have been doing this and just cutting the meat up very small, scissors do the best job. In a way it's easier as I just prepare his veggies and meat, (same as what we are having) boil them up and when they're ready, mash them.
I was told the reason for this chunkier phase is so that they don't get lazy and expect to eat sloppy stuff for too long. As long as she's eating a good variety, and eating 3 good meals a day why not try it? It's easy to go back to puree if it doesn't work out 1st time. I never noticed any chewing signs before giving finger food, they love to suck on bread and stuff!
Hope this helps

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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