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Do I have to cook the baby cereal? Lock Rss

I'm just starting to think about giving Anastasia her first taste of baby cereal. I bought an organic one made of maize, millet and rice and the packet instructions say to cook it before giving it to her. I was planning to just mix it with some breast milk. Can I do that or should I follow the packet instructions and cook it first?
not sure with the organic one but i know the heinz one u dnt have to.some more experienced mummys should b able to help u.goodluck.
I did it both ways with the farex baby cereal - I mean mix with milk and cook it. I have to say it come up a lot better cooked, especially when I did it with cows milk (when DD was older). The only issue I have with cooking it is the consistency. I found it to be a bit thicker and stickier. When I first gave DD rice cereal mixed with EBM, I made it really quite runny.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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