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bubs favourite food!!! Lock Rss

hithere.ds loves his yoghurt does anyone elses bub have a favourite food that they could eat everyday?
great post!
my boy loves, avocado & apple!! hes been having it since he was 4 mths, and still loves it ( he's 10 mths now!!)
he does also love yogurt.
& the heinz jar, pumpkin and couscous, loves it!!!
my little one loves broccoli and ricotta. Also cauliflower and cheese with pumpkin mahsed!
hi everyone
My little rascal could live off yoghurt and any flavour is fine too. I didn't give him yoghurt for his lunch one day due to him being ill the night before (tried to avoid dairy) and what a performance he put on for me, in the end I thought that if he was well enough to chuck a wobbley them I guess the youghut being dairy wouldn't hurt him.

My partner is greek and my DS enjoys greek bean soup aswell it has celery carrrot and cannellini beans in a tomato flavoured sauce.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

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