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Road Travel with five month old Lock Rss

My husband and I are moving Interstate in the next couple of weeks, which means we will be driving from Perth to Canberra. I was wondering if anyone knows any good tips about long road travel with a baby. Our daughter Jian will be 5 months old.

Dee, WA, 5mth baby

hi there, we have just moved to canberra... although my husband is still in sydney it means that we are travelling from sydney to canberra - canberra to sydney all the time. Although not the distance from Perth to Canberra - I make sure that my little one ( 3 months old) is very very well fed and with any luck the movement of the car and her full stomach make her sleep.

safe driving and feel free to email me once you arrive in canberra ([email protected])

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Hi there! Our first trip away I was so nervous of what "might" happen! Noah was 6mnths at the time. I look back now and don't now what I was so worried about! I rang my best friend who has two kids the day we went away and asked her for advice. The best peice she gave me was:

Dont expect to get anywhere in a set time frame! If baby needs time out, take it, whether it be 10mins or an hour! You'll get there eventually! On the other side, if baby is asleep, keep driving don't stop for anything! Well, within reason! In other words if you need to pee, hold it!

This worked for us, when we stopped to feed him we took our time so that he didn't feel rushed, and it meant that I wasn't stressed in the least as I wasnt rushing. I drove to keep me focused and my husband sat in the back with Noah.

The whole trip took us about 2x the normal time but what the heck, we were tired but sane at the end of it.
Good luck, let us know how it goes!

Keep Smilin!smile
Jes & Noah

Jes, NZ, Noah 10mnths


Just saw your post. We travelled 6 hours (Canberra-Gosford and 6 hours back again - yes, another Canberra resident!) by car recently with our then 8 month old and survived. The trip without a baby would've taken us about 4 hours, so we did ok. I realise Perth-Canberra is significantly longer, but what an adventure to recall at your little ones 21st!

For what it's worth, here's what worked for us:

We left after he had breakfast and was due for a sleep so he would sleep in the car to start with. We kept as much to his "routine" as possible re the drinks/feeds. Be prepared to deal with crying if you can't stop straight away (eg; on a toll freeway). We hit such a hurdle at Tim's feed time and his grizzling really tugged at my heartstrings, so be strong!

Most importantly, you should try and stop every 2 hours as it's not recommended they spend more time than this in their capsules (bad for their backs). But....if they're asleep, keep going! We kept a box of toys at the ready so we could pass them back to bub to keep them amused. Also, take care with the sun - have screens on the windows and a hat on the bub (if they will wear it, unlike my little darling!!!).

Good luck....and an advance welcome to Canberra.


Angela; Tim (b. 17.7.05), Will (b. 30.11.07)

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