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Any one else give their bubs an easter egg? Lock Rss

DD got an easter egg today (small hollow one). It was hillarious, got some great photos. Just wondered if any other bubs had an easter egg and how they went.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hey happy easter to u!did ur dd like the choccy egg?i once got a photo of ds licking a choccy icecream its so cute!we got ds a hi 5 bowl and cup and it had a few eggs in ther but we didnt open yet.not sure how he would go with it as he has only just cut his 2 front teeth recently.
Yep we got our little girl a couple of eggs. She's 8.5 mths old and although we had the vast majority of the eggs, we did give her a taste. It was hilarious. She loved it, in the end! Apparently according to a couple of internet sites it's best to hold off on the chocolate until they're atleast 1 if not 2. So confusing!....... Anywone else heard that? Once in a while can't do any harm though. Until now she hasn't had any sweets, hence she didn't like the chocky egg at first!

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