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first hard foods Lock Rss

bub is 5 months and all gums
we went to the health nurse yesterday as shes been teething for 3 weeks
the nurse said there is 2 teeth down the bottom ready in about 2-3weeks and that ALL of her top teeth are there waiting to decend.
i was wondering,when her teeth come down is it safe to give her harder foods to chew or is a 5 month old not capable of the "chewing" action
she loves food but im just not sure

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I am not 100% sure on what you are asking with this one Mimmy. If your asking more about hard foods to assist your DD with teething, then I would stick to teething rings, or some-thing along those lines.

I think learning to chew as such is a fairly gradual thing. My DD has 7 teeth and can bite into sangers, toast, biscuits etc. She can bite of pieces and chew on them with her gums (she has no double teeth yet). She would have trouble breaking down harder food or tougher food like a piece of steak.

With a rusk, which is hard, she kind of grates the ends off with her teeth and sucks on it like a cigar - lol. She does jam it into her back gums and bites down. This process is really good for teething though, suppose to be quite soothing. Some say that the biting down on a hard rusk promotes the teeth to cut through - I don't really know for sure though.

What kind of solids are you giving your DD? Does she have them puree'd or lumpy? How do you think she is going with learning to eat solids?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I think regardless of the teeth solids she needs to go through the procees of solids - purees, mashed then finger food.

That is based on a developmental stages of a baby not the amount of teeth they have. My bub has her first tooth at 5 months, my friends bub didnt get his until 10 months. But we still go through the solids process the same.

You can give her a teething ring or rusk to chew on when they are giving her some grief, panadol or bonjella.

But I wouldnt give her finger type foods as she may choke on them

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