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wat food to give 6 month old Lock Rss

hi i was just wondering if any one can give me some advise on wat foods i can and not give to my six month old son
hey caren

my dd was on farex and fruit puree from about 4mths, when she got to 6mths i started slowly introducing pureed vegies and yoghurt, and now that she is nearly 8mths she is eating all the above plus toast and vegemite and steak or chicken mixed through her vegies....

as long as you take it slowly and watch for reactions you should be right, i stay right away from egg, seafood and salt and sugary foods...

but i am also told that i am being to strick and i should be trying other things as well sad


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Hi Caren,

my DS is 6 months and he is eating pureed pear, apple and banana also pumpkin, corn, carrot and potato and he has farax once a day. We tried chicken today but he wasnt into it so much. I have only fed him tinned or jar baby food and generally use this as a guide as too what I can feed him. All the jars that say 4-6 months I give him and the ones that say 6-9 months I will leave for a few weeks till he is use to the first lot. We tried chocolate custard (tin) as a treat but he wasnt interested in that either.

have fun with it smile

Hi Caren

i have been giving my DD solids sincs she was 4 months.

but i give her baby muesli for brekky and have just started with plain toast on some days

lunch i give her fruit apple, pear, banana, mango, kiwi fruit (that was a bit too sweet for her), watermelon, and i am about to try rockmelon.

dinner i give her either lamb or chicken mixed with veggies we do a big lot of mixed veggies now after she has tried them on their own some are
potato, pumpkin, beans, corn, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower to name a few

not sure if you have started solids yet but try one thing for 4 days before trying something new incase of allergies

good luck sorry about the long post

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