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Deserts and sweets Lock Rss

I was wondering what other mums give their babies in terms of deserts or sweets / treats? I've been fairly strict with what DD eats. I would like to find a nice balance - but not really sure what that is. I'm not asking in terms of nutrition as such, more about exposing her to some of the more yummy things. What age do you think its good to do that? Do you think it should be an intermittent treat - like a bit of ice cream if you are having a special day out etc?

A mum responded to a thread saying how she wants her kids to have some tollerance to sweets so they don't go hyper at birthday parties and stuff. I've spent a lot of time thinking about that and see some merit in it. I'm certainly not in a hurry as DD is only 1 - but its some-thing I'm starting to consider.

I'd appreciate any opinions on this one.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I believe in just letting kids be just kids, normal.
Theres nothing wrong with having a treat a few times a week.
We grew up having a square meal with dessert every night (Home cooked, Yum!)
If you put too much restrictions about sweets on them they will just end up having a hissy fit when all of their friends go to Macca's for a party and they aren't allowed.
You have to be realistic.
Cheers-I'm off to have some dessert!!
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