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Avacado and what? Lock Rss

I get given heaps of avacados from mother and law.
I don't know what to do with. Any easy receipes for a 6month old.

What are they nice mixed with?.
Love to hear suggestions

Sam Qld,

My son loves avacados. I give it to him plain on toast or bread. I mix it with cream cheese and put on toast, or just feed it to him with a spoon. Its good with mashed potato too. Now that my son is a bit older I give him cheese and advocado sandwiches, sometimes melted.
Lachlan 9/7/06
avacodo can constipate bubs,i give it to my bub as she loves it,i just add prune juice

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Thanks everyone, I tried to mix it with chicken and corn as well as potato. I tried it and thought it was gross, the avocado seem to over power the other vegies and Coen didn't like it either, I didn't think to try it with fruit. oh well, back to the drawing board.

Sam Qld,

Hi, avocado & mashed banana is tasty or you could try it avocado & ricotta cheese for a creamier taste. I know it sounds gross, but as long as they open up for another mouthful you know it is tasty!
The lady in the fruit and veg shop said deseeded pureed cucumber and avocado was great. Hugo really liked it, esp when he had sore teeth - nice and cool....
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