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What age/ puree to solid Lock Rss

Just wonder what age around about can you start giving them solids?. Coen is 6months and only gets puree fruit/vegies. But I have read in these forums that some parents are giving 7 months, toast. What have some mothers started with?. Would love some ideas.

Sam Qld,

i guess it depends on how many teeth the little man has???
my bub is 5 months and i give her rusks because she loves them but i would wait till there was a few teeth before giving toast so they can proply chew

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Sam - my daughter is six months this week and has been on puree fruit and veg for for the past four weeks. Yesterday I gave her a plain biscuit to see what she would do with it as she was watching me have one. It was hilarious, it went everywhere! She managed to suck it for about 20mins and I am not quite sure how much she actually ate but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I have decided to give her one thing every second day, like rusks, toast, fruit pieces or plain biscuits to get her used to holding something and bringing it to her mouth. She has no teeth yet but I am told their gums are great chompers!!
Good luck, let me know how Coen goes.


If your bub is doing well with puree - then I would start making it more lumpy. Maybe go half half for a few days, see how Coen goes. By that I mean half puree - half mash by hand then mix the two. If Coen copes well, then just mash by hand. I think as soon as bubs is going alright with some lumpy food, try finger food. Toast was a real good one for DD, fun to scrunch in her fingers and suck on. Don't worry if Coes has teeth or not - he will suck and bit of bits of the toast. You will always be with him at first anyway, so if he happens to get a big bit off and gag - its easy to pull or scoop out. Its such an exciting time for you - make sure you have the camera ready - lol

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hello sam, my little man trey id anly 5 days off 6 months but has no teeth, he has been chewing on arrowett biscuits for the last 4 weeks, also slices of toast, an orange quarter, well he just sucks it, pieces of banan and anything that is mushy really. i find whenever we eat anything he wants to try something, if you think bub will struggle to much just give a little bit to learn to chew. i held back because i was scared at first but they sem to know how bring it back up but just make sure you sit with them and keep an eye on them.
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